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Team Dream Draft Results - NFC NORTH

To keep this out of pure fantasy drafting, there are no trades proposed. This is an attempt to take a look at each team’s draft capital, assess where their roster stands after free agency and prior to the draft, and attempt to put together the best team draft possible. But most importantly, rooted in reality. That is, using SNS’ Offensive and Defensive Tier Rankings (available for FREE at Patreon / Stack ‘N Shed!) as a guide, an individual team draft will be conducted with the prospects that fit the team and is likely to be available at that draft pick. In other words, Detroit will be unlikely to get CJ Stroud at #6 and Jalen Carter at #18, so Team Dream Drafts won’t go there! Finally, like the actual draft, once a prospect is selected, he is off the board and cannot be re-drafted. This draft was completed on Friday, April 7 and does not consider any NFL transactions completed after that date.



Total picks – 8

1 / 6 Bryan Bresee / DT / Clemson

2 / 18 Devon Witherspoon / CB / Illinois

2 / 48 Tucker Kraft / TE / South Dakota State

2 / 55 Jack Campbell / LB / Iowa

3 / 81 Habakkuk Baldonado / Edge / Pittsburgh

5 / 152 Clayton Tune / QB / Houston

6 / 183 Sidy Sow / IOL / Eastern Michigan

6 / 194 Christopher Brooks / RB / BYU

Bresee has good size and length and his character fits what Detroit likes. Witherspoon is a playmaker and addresses an area of need. Kraft is similar to the Eagles’ Dallas Goedert and is a well-rounded TE. Campbell is an effective run stuffer with surprising athleticism displayed at the combine. Baldonado has prototypical size and length. Tune is experienced and will compete for the backup job. Sow has a good combination of size and athleticism. Brooks is similar to Jamal Williams (New Orleans) and is a power back with soft hands.


Total picks – 10

1 / 9 Peter Skoronski / OL / Northwestern

2 / 53 Zach Charbonnet / RB / UCLA

2 / 61 Darius Rush / CB / South Carolina

3 / 64 Jalen Wayne / WR / South Alabama

4 / 103 Tui Tuipulotu / Edge / USC

4 / 133 Ivan Pace / LB / Cincinnati

5 / 136 Scott Matlock / DT / Boise State

5 / 148 Brent Laing / OL / Minnesota-Duluth

7 / 218 Jordan Howden / S / Minnesota

7 / 258 Noah Gindorff / TE / North Dakota State

Skoronski is the best OL in this draft and will start at either OLT or OG in 2023. Charbonnet is a versatile back, similar to former Bear Matt Forte. Rush fits the modern-day prototype for a CB. Wayne brings size to an otherwise small receiving corps. Tuipulotu can line up anywhere on the DL. Pace has good instincts and is a reliable tackler. Matlock has surprising quickness and his character is a plus. Laing dominated small school talent and plays with a nasty disposition. Howden has good instincts and profiles as a special team stalwart. Gindorff may be the best blocking TE available in this draft.

Green Bay

Total picks – 8

1 / 15 Nolan Smith / LB-Edge / Georgia

2 / 45 Zack Kuntz / TE / Old Dominion

3 / 78 Puka Nacua / WR / BYU

4 / 116 Kei’Trel Clark / CB / Louisville

5 / 149 Kenny McIntosh / RB / Georgia

5 / 170 Connor Galvin / OT / Baylor

7 / 232 Colby Wooden / 5T-Edge / Auburn

7 / 235 Jadon Haselwood / WR / Arkansas

Smith is a fantastic athlete and fits what the Packers like in space players – great bend, burst, and range. Kuntz is a great athlete who creates mismatches in the intermediate zone. Nacua is a precise route runner and has great hands. Clark projects as a starting-caliber slot CB. McIntosh is a good runner and an outstanding receiver out of the backfield. Galvin has good length and enough athleticism to compete for time at OLT. Wooden is a ‘tweener with plenty of SEC starting experience. Haselwood is tough and usually wins at the catch point.


Total picks – 5

1 / 23 Kelee Ringo / CB / Georgia

3 / 87 Nathaniel “Tank” Dell / WR / Houston

4 / 119 Gervon Dexter / DT / Florida

5 / 158 McClendon Curtis / OL / UT-Chattanooga

6 / 211 Jamon Dumas-Johnson / LB / Georgia

Ringo had an up and down season in 2022 but his length and athleticism are ideal and he may be a better pro than college player. Dell is undersized but tough, a great route runner, and has great hands. Dexter has tremendous upside but has never played to his abilities. Curtis is tough, physical, and versatile. Dumas-Johnson is a rangy, tackling machine.

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