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Team Dream Draft Results - AFC NORTH

To keep this out of pure fantasy drafting, there are no trades proposed. This is an attempt to take a look at each team’s draft capital, assess where their roster stands after free agency and prior to the draft, and attempt to put together the best team draft possible. But most importantly, rooted in reality. That is, using SNS’ Offensive and Defensive Tier Rankings (available for FREE at Patreon / Stack ‘N Shed!) as a guide, an individual team draft will be conducted with the prospects that fit the team and is likely to be available at that draft pick. In other words, Detroit will be unlikely to get CJ Stroud at #6 and Jalen Carter at #18, so Team Dream Drafts won’t go there! Finally, like the actual draft, once a prospect is selected, he is off the board and cannot be re-drafted. This draft was completed on Friday, April 7 and does not consider any NFL transactions completed after that date.



Total picks – 7

1 / 17 Joey Porter / CB / Penn State

2 / 32 Mazi Smith / DT / Michigan

2 / 49 Josh Downs / WR / North Carolina

3 / 80 Jaelyn Duncan / OT / Maryland

4 / 120 Luke Schoonmaker / TE / Michigan

7 / 234 Ronnie Hickman / S / Ohio State

7 / 241 Tiawan Mullen / CB / Indiana

The Steelers make a legacy selection in Porter, the son of the all-time Pittsburgh great. He offers length, press ability, and ball skills to the secondary. Smith is an effective run stuffer who offers a powerful bull rush to the pass defense. Downs is explosive and smooth and has great hands. Duncan has the athleticism of an elite OLT but his technique and nastiness need development. Schoonmaker is an effective in-line blocker and offers a reliable receiving target. Hickman is smart and disciplined. Mullen, whose brother plays CB for the Ravens, is a feisty slot CB with playmaking skills.


Total picks – 5

1 / 22 Myles Murphy / Edge / Clemson

3 / 86 Kayshon Boutte / WR / LSU

4 / 124 Adonis Boone / OL / Louisville

5 / 157 Nesta Jade Silvera / DT / Arizona State

6 / 199 Isaiah Bolden / CB / Jackson State

Murphy has prototypical size, burst, and athleticism to pressure opposing QBs. Boutte has explosive qualities with the ball in his hands but is somewhat temperamental and emotional on the field. Boone has the versatility to play either OT or OG in the NFL. Silvera is a big, physical run stuffer with surprising burst and athleticism. Bolden is a big CB who brings the most value as a kick returner – averaged 36.9 yards per return with two TDs in 2022.


Total picks – 7

1 / 28 Darnell Washington / TE / Georgia

2 / 60 Brian Branch / S / Alabama

3 / 92 Joe Tippmann / IOL / Wisconsin

4 / 131 Clark Phillips / CB / Utah

5 / 163 Dante Stills / DT / West Virginia

6 / 206 Dorian Williams / LB / Tulane

7 / 246 Jake Bobo / WR / UCLA

Washington offers a huge target with the speed to stretch the seam and the blocking ability to aid the running game. Branch can cover the slot, cover a zone, and support against the run. Tippmann has the versatility to start at center or guard. Phillips has loose hips and the ability to play the slot or out wide. Stills has a quick first step and the ability to play in the opponent’s backfield. Williams uses speed and quickness to cover ground and TEs in coverage. Bobo is a big target with playmaking ability.


Total picks – 8

3 / 74 Dalton Kincaid / TE / Utah

3 / 98 Jahmyr Gibbs / RB / Alabama

4 / 111 Bryce Ford-Wheaton / WR / West Virginia

4 / 126 Zach Harrison / Edge / Ohio State

5 / 142 Shaka Heyward / LB / Duke

5 / 144 Arquon Bush / CB / Cincinnati

5 / 190 Alex Forsyth / IOL / Oregon

7 / 229 Moro Ojomo / DT / Texas

One of the advantages, and drawbacks, of the Team Dream Draft concept is that some prospects will drop to a draft slot they are unlikely to fall to in real life - it is indicative of how deep of a draft this is and there will be a top player or two who slides the weekend of April 27th (similar to the precipitous fall that LB Nakobe Dean experienced last April). Jahmyr Gibbs WILL NOT fall to the third round but it goes to show that this is a deep RB draft – some prospects will undoubtedly fall, it is just unlikely to be Gibbs. Kincaid is also unlikely to fall this far but he is slotted in the Team Dream Draft where he should get drafted – late second / early third round (in a draft deep with quality blockers, Kincaid falls a bit short). BFW has a huge catch radius and deceptive deep speed. Harrison offers size, length, and power to the defensive line. Heyward offers length and range. Bush has good size and excellent career ball production. Forsyth is an experienced center with enough versatility to play guard. Ojomo has explosive power and flashes dominant strength and a powerful bull rush.

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