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Team Dream Draft Results - AFC EAST

Welcome to Stack ‘N Shed’s newest series – Team Dream Drafts! SNS takes a look at each NFL’s team optimal draft where talent is added, need is considered, and depth is evaluated for each NFL team.

First, a few rules of the road. To keep this out of pure fantasy drafting, there are no trades proposed. This is an attempt to take a look at each team’s draft capital, assess where their roster stands after free agency and prior to the draft, and attempt to put together the best team draft possible. But most importantly, rooted in reality. That is, using SNS’ Offensive and Defensive Tier Rankings (available for FREE at Patreon / Stack ‘N Shed!) as a guide, an individual team draft will be conducted with the prospects that fit the team and is likely to be available at that draft pick. In other words, Detroit will be unlikely to get CJ Stroud at #6 and Jalen Carter at #18, so Team Dream Drafts won’t go there! Finally, like the actual draft, once a prospect is selected, he is off the board and cannot be re-drafted. This draft was completed on Friday, April 7 and does not consider any NFL transactions completed after that date.


NY Jets

Total picks – 6

1 / 13 Michael Mayer / TE / Notre Dame

2 / 42 Trenton Simpson / LB / Clemson

2 / 43 Andrew Vorhees / IOL / USC

4 / 112 Brandon Joseph / S / Notre Dame

5 / 143 Dalton Wagner / OT / Arkansas

6 / 207 Jaray Jenkins / WR / LSU

Mayer would add a weapon in the passing game and be a factor as an in-line blocker in the run game. Simpson is extremely fast, offers great range, and can lock up TEs in coverage. Vorhees is tough, strong, and a technician. Joseph is an effective deep safety with good range and tackling ability. Wagner has excellent size and length and is a candidate to compete for a job as a backup OT. Jenkins has good size and has the toughness to work the intermediate zone in the passing game.

New England

Total picks – 11

1 / 14 Christian Gonzalez / CB / Oregon

2 / 46 Felix Anudike-Uzomah / Edge / Kansas St

3 / 76 Byron Young / DL / Alabama

4 / 107 Ryan Hayes / OT / Michigan

4 / 117 Jeremy Banks / LB / Tennessee

4 / 135 Leonard Taylor / TE / Cincinnati

6 / 184 Kearis Jackson / WR / Georgia

6 / 187 Max Duggan / QB / TCU

6 / 192 Bryce Barringer / P / Michigan State

6 / 210 Grant Miller / IOL / Baylor

7 / 245 Isaiah McGuire / Edge / Missouri

Gonzalez, SNS’ #1 ranked CB, offers speed, athleticism, and ball skills to be a true #1 CB. Anudike-Uzomah recorded double digit sacks each of the last two years. Young offers versatility and can be deployed at Edge or DT. Banks is equally adept at stuffing the run and covering TEs and RBs in the flat. Taylor offers an intriguing combination of size and athleticism. Jackson is a reliable route runner. Duggan is gutsy, gritty, and a leader. Barringer has a rocket launcher of a foot. Miller will compete for a backup guard spot. McGuire is a solid edge run defender and offers promise as a pass rusher.


Total picks – 6

1 / 27 Lukas Van Ness / Edge / Buffalo

2 / 59 Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson / CB / TCU

3 / 91 Noah Sewell / LB / Oregon

4 / 130 Chase Brown / RB / Illinois

5 / 137 Jartavius “Quan” Martin / S / Illinois

6 / 205 Mario Williams / WR / USC

Van Ness has immense upside but is raw and needs development in technique work. THT won the Thorpe Award and profiles as a slot CB in the NFL. Sewell can play inside or outside and supports against the run and pass well. Brown has great vision and burst and will compete for playing time as a rookie. Martin has great range and the ability to play man coverage, even against WRs. Williams should excel as a slot WR where his quickness can shine.


Total picks – 4

2 / 51 Cam Smith / CB / South Carolina

3 / 84 Adetomiwa Adebawore / DL / Northwestern

6 / 197 Jamal Turner / TE / Toledo

7 / 238 Juice Scruggs / IOL / Penn State

No team has fewer picks than Miami and therefore they do not reach for talent, instead selecting the best talent available with the drafting of the talented Gamecock CB. Smith has good size, great reaction skills, and unflinching confidence. Adebawore went from a late round prospect to being on the brink of first round consideration due to a fantastic athletic performance at the combine. Turner has a huge upside to be developed. Scruggs will need to pass the team’s physical but has the size and experience to contribute at the NFL level.

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