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Team Dream Draft Postmortem - Notable Undrafted Prospects (and what was learned)


Holton Ahlers / East Carolina

Jaren Hall / BYU

Sean Clifford / Penn State

Adrian Martinez / Kansas State

Tommy Devito / Illinois

Sixteen QBs were amongst the 259 picks of the 2023 Team Dream Draft series – an unusually high number of QBs to be selected in any draft. So, there are likely to be a few additional QBs who go undrafted. Amongst the undrafted QBs listed above, Hall is most likely to get drafted. He has good skills, plenty of experience, and proven production. Don’t be surprised if Hall gets drafted on day 3 this weekend.


Chris Rodriguez / Kentucky

SaRodorick Thompson / Texas Tech

Eric Gray / Oklahoma

Ronnie Brown / Shepherd

Emari Demercado / TCU

Tavion Thomas / Utah

Titus Swen / Wyoming

Jordan Mims / Fresno State

Isaiah Bowser / Central Florida

Jack Colletto (FB / TE) / Oregon State

Hunter Luepke (FB) / North Dakota State

Nineteen RBs were selected in the Team Dream Draft series – within the range of a typical NFL Draft. This illustrates how deep the RB position is in the 2023 draft with these nine additional draft-worthy prospects, along with two draftable FBs. Of the players listed above, Rodriguez, Thompson, and Luepke are most likely to hear their name called the last weekend of April.


Antoine Green / North Carolina

A.T. Perry / Wake Forest

Charlie Jones / Purdue

Ricky Pearsall / Florida

Dontayvion Wicks / Virginia

Malik Heath / Mississippi

Demario Douglas / Liberty

Grant DuBose / Charlotte

Mitchell Tinsley / Penn State

Joseph Ngata / Clemson

Shaq Davis / South Carolina State

Taye Barber / TCU

Tyler Scott / Cincinnati

Jason Brownlee / Southern Mississippi

Malik Nabers / LSU

Elijah Higgins / Stanford

Thirty-four WRs were selected in the 2023 Team Dream Draft series, a fairly typical number of WRs selected in an average draft. And like most every draft, future starters will be found in the UDFA pool. Every prospect listed above is a draft-worthy prospect but keep an eye on the WRs listed here who offer good size and a large catch radius and therefore, are most likely to get drafted – Perry, Wicks, Heath, Ngata, Davis, and Higgins. This is a class that is not especially top heavy with top tier talent but this is very deep group of receivers.


Travis Vokolek / Nebraska

Joel Wilson / Central Michigan

Brayden Willis / Oklahoma

Michael Ezeike / UCLA

Blake Whiteheart / Wake Forest

Daniel Barker / Michigan State

The 2023 TE draft class is unusually deep – Team Dream Draft has eighteen TE prospects getting drafted later this month. That is an unusually high number of TEs to get selected in any single draft but this class is extremely talented and extremely deep. Expect a few additional names to go undrafted, but of the TE prospects listed above, Willis and Ezeike are most likely to get drafted.


Wanya Morris / Oklahoma

Earl Bostick / Kansas

Mason Brooks / Mississippi

Kadeem Telfort / UAB

Richard Gouraige / Florida

Carter Warren / Pittsburgh

Theo Benedet / British Columbia (Can)

Bobby Haskins / USC

Demontrey Jacobs / South Florida

Dylan Wonnum / South Carolina

Twenty-one OTs were selected in the 2023 Team Dream Draft, on the higher end of what is normal in a typical draft. It is likely that some prospects that were selected in the Team Dream Draft go undrafted the last weekend in April. Of the OTs listed above, Bostick, Telfort, and Jacobs offer great size and length and will be tempting to most NFL teams.


Ahofitu Maka / UTSA

Samuel Jackson / UCF

Jovaughn Gwyn / South Carolina

Jake Kradel / Pittsburgh

Eric Abojei / Wyoming

Nick Broeker / Mississippi

Ta’Shawn Manning / Kentucky

Jon Gaines / UCLA

Alan Ali / TCU

Josh Lugg / Notre Dame

Twenty-five IOL (guards and centers) were selected in the Team Dream Draft, which is significantly more than normal but it is indicative of the depth at the position in this draft. There are likely quite a few prospects drafted in the Team Dream Draft who will go undrafted and become an UDFA later this month. But still, there are some potential starters in the prospects listed above. Namely, Jackson, Abojei, and Broeker all have starter traits and could very well get drafted when all is said and done.

Edge Rusher

BJ Thompson / Stephen F. Austin

Durrell Johnson / Liberty

Derick Hall / Auburn

Jordan Ferguson / Middle Tennessee State

Viliami Fehoko / San Jose State

Jalen Redmond / Oklahoma

Caleb Murphy / Ferris State

Dylan Horton / TCU

Ali Gaye / LSU

Spencer Waege / North Dakota State

Lonnie Phelps / Kansas

Ochaun Mathis / Nebraska

Durrell Nchami / Maryland

DJ Johnson / Oregon

Tavius Robinson / Mississippi

The 2023 Edge Rusher draft class is exceedingly deep and contributors, and possibly even starters, will be found amongst the UDFA class. Twenty-two prospects were selected in the Team Dream Draft mocks, on the high-end of the range for number of Edge prospects drafted in a typical year. Several prospects listed above are likely to be drafted including Hall, Redmond, Murphy, Horton, Phelps, and Mathis.


Karl Brooks / Bowling Green

Jacob Slade / Michigan State

Tyler Lacy / Oklahoma State

Kobie Turner / Wake Forest

Caleb Sampson / Kansas

ZiYon Hill-Green / Louisiana

Robert Cooper / Florida State

Twenty-one DTs / 5Ts were selected in the Team Dream Draft mock, on the high-end of the range for the position in a typical draft year. Most DTs picked were run-stuffers, leaving quite a few quick and fast DTs left as potential UDFA, including Brooks, Slade, Lacy, and Hill-Green. This indicates great depth for this skill set and may mean that prospects with a similar skill set (e.g. Calijah Kancey, Dante Stills) may see their draft stock similarly impacted.


Nick Hampton / Appalachian State

Carlton Martial / Troy

Ayinde Eley / Georgia Tech

Charlie Thomas / Georgia Tech

Robert Beal / Georgia

SirVocea Dennis / Pittsburgh

Ventrell Miller / Florida

Amari Burney / Florida

Krishon Merriweather / Texas Tech

Cam Jones / Indiana

Drake Thomas / North Carolina State

Micah Baskerville / LSU

Santrell Latham / Southern Mississippi

Mikel Jones / Syracuse

Liam Anderson / Holy Cross

Yasir Abdullah / Louisville

This is a draft deep in quality LBs, both off-the-ball, space LBs, and Edge Rusher / LB ‘tweeners. This may indicate that quite a few LBs might fall in the draft due to the depth available and the low priority that NFL teams place on the position in the draft. Twenty-two LBs are selected in the Team Dream Draft mocks, on the low-end of the range for number of LBs typically selected in the NFL Draft. Of the above listed prospects expect Hampton, Charlie Thomas, Beal, Dennis, Miller, and Abdullah as the ones most likely to get drafted.


Jaylon Jones / Texas A&M

Justin Ford / Montana

Cory Trice / Purdue

Carrington Valentine / Kentucky

Myles Brooks / Louisiana Tech

Ameer Speed / Michigan State

Jarrick Bernard-Converse / LSU

Eric Scott / Southern Mississippi

Lance Boykin / Coastal Carolina

Alex Austin / Oregon State

Deantre Prince / Mississippi

Quavian White / Georgia State

D’Shawn Jamison / Texas

Every draft year there are several UDFA CBs who latch on to a team, and via injury and performance, become contributors (and even starters), for their NFL teams. This year figures to be no different. Thirty-five CBs were selected in the Team Dream Draft mock, within the normal range of CBs taken in any typical draft year. Several of the prospects listed above are candidates to be drafted because of size – Ford, Trice, Speed, Bernard-Converse, and Boykin. White and Jamison are NFL-caliber punt returners, enhancing their draft stock.


Christian Morgan / Baylor

Tanner Ingle / North Carolina State

John Torchio / Wisconsin

Chamarri Conner / Virginia Tech

Kaevon Merriweather / Iowa

Quindell Johnson / Memphis

Tanner McCalister / Ohio State

Xavier Henderson / Michigan State

Gervarrius Owens / Louisville

Erick Hallett / Pittsburgh

Twenty safeties were selected in the Team Dream Draft mock, an unusually high number for any single draft. There is quality depth throughout this class but several of the projected Team Dream Draft safeties are likely to go undrafted. Of the prospects listed above, Conner and Owens are the most likely to get drafted the last weekend in April.


Alex Ward / LS / UCF

Chris Stoll / LS / Penn State

Chad Ryland / K / Maryland

BT Potter / K / Clemson

Christopher Dunn / K / North Carolina State

Michael Turk / P / Oklahoma

Brad Robbins / P / Michigan

Paxton Brooks / P / Tennessee

Andy Vujnovich / P / Wisconsin

Four specialists (two kickers / two punters) were selected in the Team Dream Draft mocks, an unusually high number but warranted by the depth and quality of this class. Still, four specialists are a lot in a single draft. Ryland, Potter, Turk, and Robbins are the specialists listed above who stand the best chance to get drafted.


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