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SNS Weekly Scouting Report - September 22, 2023

(Audric Estime / RB / Notre Dame)

Continuing our deep dive on some of the top prospects potentially available this coming April. This week, we take a look at some of the best draft-eligible RB prospects in college football.

Audric Estime / Notre Dame

Excellent size with a strong, compact build. Runs behinds his pads and runs with power and leg drive. Excellent lean – nearly impossible to stop when he gets going. Very difficult to tackle. Great balance. Effective burst. Displays surprisingly light feet and has good agility. Reliable hands catcher. Surprisingly good long speed - can run through pursuit angles. Needs work on securing the football. Never stops churning his legs - reminiscent of Marshawn Lynch.

Will Shipley / Clemson

Prototypical height and size for an NFL RB. Complete package of running and receiving skills. Very good vision, surprising agility, and great burst. Soft hands and runs clean routes. Tough, strong, and physical – drops his pads and delivers a blow. Scary combination of gracefulness and physicality.

Braelon Allen / Wisconsin

Very big with huge thighs and a powerful frame. Good vision, quick feet for his size, and an impressive burst. Drives his legs on contact and is a load to tackle. Physical and powerful. Very effective short yardage and goal line RB. Soft hands and can snag the off-target throw.

Chez Mellusi / Wisconsin

Transfer from Clemson. Good size and build. Possesses an upright running style that allows him very good vision but exposes him to a lot of hits. Gliding runner who sees the running lanes, cuts smoothly, and has a deceptive burst. Great long speed and can run through pursuit angles. Extensive injury history during his college career.

TreVeyon Henderson / Ohio State

Ideal size with a solid build, strong legs, and power throughout his body. Displays good vision, very good burst, and surprising agility. Powerful runner who breaks arm tackles with ease.

Trey Benson / Florida State

Powerfully built RB with a downhill running style. Very difficult to bring down once he gets going. Productive gaining yards after contact – drops pads and churns through arm tackles.

Henry Parrish / Miami, Fl

Adequate size and build. Very quick and has elite agility including a dynamic spin move. Nice burst. Very good hands. Smooth movement skills.

Devin Neal / Kansas

Former 5-star recruit. Average body size and mass. Displays good vision, very good burst, and excellent lateral agility and cutting ability. Runs with great pad level and lean which makes him more powerful than his size would seem to indicate. Excellent run instincts. Good deep speed but can be caught from behind.

Trey Sanders / TCU

Transfer from Alabama where he was a 5-star recruit. Prototypical size. Powerful inside runner. Nice vision. Good burst and runs with good pad level. Very effective short yardage and goal line runner.

Damien Martinez / Oregon State

Ideal size and build – built for the inside run game. Excellent burst to and through the hole. Very good run vision. Runs with great balance and has surprising power. Shifty and slick. Always falls forward. Reliable receiver.

Jo’quavious “Woody” Marks / Mississippi State

Average-sized RB. Excels as a pass receiver out of the backfield. Plenty of playing experience but not extensively used toting the ball – first year as a traditional RB. Good burst and vision. Shifty and agile – nice jump cut. Runs with good forward lean. Very effective pass blocker.

Nathan Carter / Michigan State

Transfer from UCONN. Undersized but physical and tough. Extremely quick and agile. Knows how to get skinny and knife through holes. Great burst to and through the hole. Runs with great pad level. Dangerous with the ball in space.

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(Devin Neal / RB / Kansas)


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