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SNS Weekly Scouting Report - September 15, 2023

(Jordan Travis / QB / Florida State)

This week, SNS takes a look at some of the top QBs who may be available in April. The 2024 NFL draft class could feature several potential starting QBs, including a few who could be franchise QBs. Let’s take a preliminary look at a few of the top prospects.

Drake Maye / North Carolina

Prototypical size and athleticism. Excellent arm strength – capable of making any NFL throw with desired zip. Quick release and shows the ability to change arm slots and deliver the ball on-time. Very accurate and throws with NFL timing and touch – throws his receivers open consistently. Equally adept at throwing while rolling out to his right or left. Scrambles while still going through his progressions. Rare combination of elite tools. Trusts his arm too much and forces some passes. Lacks experience – only his second year as a starter.

Jordan Travis / Florida State

Good height with an adequate build. Quick release with good arm mechanics. Plenty of arm strength. Very good athlete and is a running threat but prefers to stay in the pocket and find a receiver. Will make some poor decisions when under duress but typically is a good decision-maker. Gritty, tough leader. Throws well on the move, especially to his right.

Sam Hartman / Notre Dame

Transfer from Wake Forest. ACC career passing leader. Smart, decisive. Reads the field well. Steps through his progressions and makes the correct read. Leader and is in command in the huddle. Tough and is willing to take a hit and make the pass. Good arm strength. Displays a great combination of accuracy/timing/touch and he knows how to lead receivers open. Limited athleticism and mobility but not a statue standing in the pocket – buys time with his feet. Scrambles to work the pocket and buy time while reading coverage. Looks like an NFL QB.

Michael Penix / Washington

Transfer from Indiana. Left-handed. Prototypical height, size, and athletic ability for the modern era NFL QB. Slight windup but release speed is good. Can accurately throw from multiple arm slots. Very good arm strength – can make every throw. Accuracy / timing are good but needs development in throwing with touch. Extremely athletic with great mobility – a true running threat. Extensive injury history but played the entire 2022 season without missing significant time. Leader that inspires teammates.

Riley Leonard / Duke

Prototypical size and build. Second year as the starter. Extremely athletic – true dual threat QB who is a threat to throw or run. Runs with surprising power and elusiveness. Average arm strength. Displays very good combination of accuracy, timing, and touch. Reads the field well. Leader and winner.

Shedeur Sanders / Colorado

Transfer from Jackson State. Son of Colorado coach and NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders. Highly regarded 4-star recruit in 2021. Average size and build for a QB. Arm mechanics are sound and his release speed is very good. Displays the ability to read coverages and go through progressions but still needs continued improvement. Footwork needs development. Strong arm. Very accurate and throws with timing and touch. Very calm and composed – displays ideal mental make-up. Knows how to buy time for his receivers while moving and creating space. Extremely athletic but he works nearly exclusively out of the pocket so it is not a featured part of his game. Leader. Threw for 500+ yards in his FBS debut in an upset victory over TCU. Has a tendency to hold onto the ball too long and gets hit unnecessarily and takes unnecessary sacks. Special talent.

DJ Uiagalelei / Oregon State

Transfer from Clemson. Former 5-star recruit. Very big QB with good height and a thick, powerful build. Strong arm. Improving in his ability to read defenses and go through progressions. Accuracy and timing still need development – needs to throw receivers open more often. Footwork needs refinement – too often upper and lower body are not coordinated and he fails to step into his throws. Dangerous open field runner due to combination of size, power, and speed – nearly impossible to stop on QB sneaks.

Jayden Daniels / LSU

Transfer from Arizona State. Good height but a somewhat thin and modest build. Very good athlete who can run and gain yards but prefers to stay in the pocket and distribute the ball. Has very good run instincts. Displays quick feet and loose hips. Strong arm capable of making all the throws. Shows the ability to throw with accuracy/timing/touch but only when his feet are set and his shoulders are square to the line. Seems more comfortable outside than inside the pocket.

Cameron Ward / Washington State

Transfer from Incarnate Word (FCS). Optimal height and size. Very good arm strength. Displays very good accuracy and touch. Quick release. Athletic and agile – a threat with the ball in space. Good decision maker and handles pressure well. Displays very good field vision and goes through his progressions well. Smart player. Only received one scholarship offer (Incarnate Word) and plays with a chip on his shoulder. Leader and winner. Playing style is similar to Jalen Hurts.

Grayson McCall / Coastal Carolina

Ideal size and frame for an NFL QB. Excellent athlete with speed, agility, and toughness. Good arm strength but lacks desired zip. Throws a very catchable ball. Displays very good accuracy/timing/touch and leads his receivers open. Slight hitch in his delivery but release speed is very good. Very good pocket awareness and feels the blindside pressure. Very good inside runner. Possesses speed, toughness, and elusiveness as a ball carrier. Gutsy, tough leader with a never say die attitude. Displays special qualities and is a very good leader. Three-year starter with a 28-5 record coming into this season. Three-time SBC POY. First year in a new, more traditional offensive system.

(Cameron Ward / QB / Washington State)

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