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SNS Weekly Scouting Report - October 27, 2023

(Kris Jenkins / DT / Michigan)

This week, SNS continues the roll out the 2024 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings. The 2024 NFL Draft could have several potential franchise QBs, quite a few stud WRs, a deep group of OTs, and a quality group of DTs. SNS is rolling out the first set of rankings that will be updated on a regular basis through the draft in April. So, let’s take a look at the Top 10 Defensive Prospect Position Rankings – Edge Rushers & IDL!

Edge Rushers

Possesses NFL size and length for a 4-3 DE. Long arms that he uses to create separation from OTs, disrupt passing lanes, and drag the QB down. Nice get off at the snap. Nice bend to cut the corner and the burst to close on the QB. Improved bull rush and converts speed to power well.

2. JT Tuimoloau / Ohio State

Possesses desired size and length. Very effective run defender who holds the edge well and crashes down the line to make TFLs. Possesses an explosive first step. Can bend and flatten and pressure off the edge. Nice closing burst. Pass rush set is expanding and includes a nice spin move. Works hard and makes big plays at key times. Possesses a very effective bull rush.

Looks the part of an NFL edge rusher – good size and overall length with very long arms. Lines up in a two-point stance. Quick off the snap. Very good burst to close on the QB. Displays very good agility to knife past the OT. Lacks much of an arsenal of pass rushing moves. Athletic enough to drop into coverage. Sets a strong edge and establishes containment against the run.

Possesses an athletic build with extremely long arms. Lines up in both two and three-point stances. Excellent quick twitch displayed at the snap. Very impressive closing burst on the QB. Displays loose hips and light feet and bends extremely well. Fast and covers a lot of ground.

5. Laiatu Latu / UCLA

Tall and long 3-4 edge with a huge wingspan. Tremendous snap anticipation and quick twitch displayed at the snap. Displays the ability to flatten and close on the QB with an impressive finishing burst. Has a second gear when he turns the corner – elite burst. Uses hands well to shed blocks. Recorded 10.5 sacks in 2022.

6. Ron Stone, Jr. / Washington State

Son of former NFL player. Adequate size and length. Excellent burst and closing speed. Great agility and bend – flattens and closes quickly on the QB. Quick twitch at the snap and often wins with his first step. Effectively uses hands to disengage blocks and strip the ball. Dominated Wisconsin OLT Jack Nelson.

7. Tre’Mon Morris-Brash / UCF

Good size, mass, and overall length with a large wingspan. Lines up in a two-point stance on the LOS or lined up as an off the ball LB. Good range. Very good open field tackler. Displays quick twitch and often wins at the snap. Fantastic closing burst on the QB in the pocket. Flattens and bends well. Lacks many pass rushing moves and stays glued to the OL too easily at times. Needs continued development in hand fighting techniques. Effective in zone drops where his wingspan can disrupt passing lanes. Has recorded 51 TFL in his college career and 13 TFL in 2023 (as of 10/21).

8. Jonah Elliss / Utah

Son of former Pro Bowl DT Luther Elliss (Lions). Tough hand fighter who battles and competes through the whistle – sheds blocks well. Strong and holds the POA well. Hustles and has a non-stop motor. Very effective bull rush. Improving as a pass rusher – good agility, burst, and an effective spin move. Flattens and closes on the QB with technique and urgency.

9. Kaimon Rucker / North Carolina

Lacks desired height but has a solid build with good mass. Has a burst off the LOS and a burst to close on the QB. Can bend, flatten, and dip like a pro off the edge. Recorded 5.5 TFL v South Carolina.

10. Chris Braswell / Alabama

Ideal build, frame, and wingspan for a 3-4 Edge. Lines up primarily in a two-point stance. Good hand use. Keeps working and makes a lot of plays through effort and athleticism. Bends and flattens well and flashes a great closing burst.

Other Prospects Worth Monitoring – Patrick Payton / Florida State, RJ Oben / Duke, JJ Weaver / Kentucky, Jack Sawyer / Ohio State, Johnny Newton (Edge / 5T) / Illinois, Zion Tupuola-Fetui / Washington, Chop Robinson / Penn State, Adissa Isaac / Penn State, Brennan Jackson / Washington State, Barryn Sorrell / Texas, John McCartan / Oregon State, Wesley Bailey / Rutgers, Braiden McGregor / Michigan, Grayson Murphy / UCLA, Jordan Burch / Oregon, Brandon Dorlus / Oregon, and Fadil Diggs / Texas A&M

IDL (DT / 5T)

Good height and length. Very good athlete who moves with natural grace and athleticism – light feet and loose hips allow him to cover a lot of ground. Big hitter. Crashes down the line with power and speed and overwhelms SEC linemen.

2. Mekhi Wingo / LSU

NFL prototypical size for an IDL. Displays quick twitch at the snap and often wins with his first step. Knows how to get skinny and slice through holes. Extremely quick with a great finishing burst.

3. Tyler Davis / Clemson

Prototypical frame, mass, and length. Plays with great leverage and bend. Very powerful and displays a great bull rush. Strong upper body. Requires double teams for most teams to run up the middle. Overly reliant on bull rush and needs to improve hand use and add some pass rushing techniques.

4. Kris Jenkins / Michigan

Son of former NFL Pro Bowler of the same name. Ideal size, mass, length, and frame for an NFL DT. Plays with outstanding leverage. Quick twitch displayed at the snap. Quickly engages and sheds the OL’s block and gets great penetration into the backfield. Strong and holds the POA well.

5. Ruke Orhorhoro / Clemson

Very good size with a large wingspan. Quick twitch is evident at the snap. Athletic and has great lateral agility. Wins with speed and quickness but runs himself out of some plays. Needs to improve hand fighting techniques. Flashes a nice swim move. Impressive closing burst.

6. Patrick Jenkins / Tulane

Transfer from TCU. Ideal size, frame, and length. Plays with outstanding leverage. Great first step and displays quick twitch and explosive quickness. Has the ability to shoot gaps and win with agility and athleticism. Very good closing burst. Very disruptive – excels in making TFLs. Very effective inside pass rusher but needs to add some hand fighting techniques to win one on one battles more consistently. Dangerous on stunts where his quickness exposes many IOL. Lines up at Edge on third and longs and can push the edge with speed.

7. T’Vondre Sweat / Texas

Extremely large man with mass (360 lbs) and long arms. Very powerful. Has a very effective bull rush. Uses length well to disrupt passing lanes and deflect passes. Can reset the LOS with power, girth, and effort.

8. Nazir Stackhouse / Georgia

Ideal size and length for an IDL with extremely long arms. Powerful bull rush and can push the pocket with strength and will. Uses length well to disrupt passing lanes. Strong grip and he is an effective hand fighter.

Huge man with ideal girth and length for a DT. Powerful two-gap DT who is an ideal NT for a 3-4 team. Not especially quick twitched or agile, Corleone wins with power and positioning. Limited impact in the passing game.

10. Jaheim Oatis / Alabama

Ideal length and frame. Powerful player. Plays with good knee bend and pushes the pocket with strength and drive. Displays a limited pass rush set and stays glued to blocks too long. Very effective bull rush.

Other Prospects Worth Monitoring – Keith Randolph / Illinois, Zion Logue / Georgia. Maason Smith / LSU, Tim Smith / Alabama, Fabian Lovett / Florida State, Braden Fiske / Florida State, Davin Vann / North Carolina State, CJ Clark / North Carolina State, Leonard Taylor / Miami, Fl, Tony Bradford / Texas Tech, Jay Toia / UCLA, James Rawls / Oregon State, Jaden Crumedy / Mississippi State, Cam Jackson / Florida, Desmond Watson / Florida, and Michael Hall / Ohio State

(Jared Verse / Edge / Florida State)

Continuing next week, SNS releases the next installment of the 2024 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings – Defensive Back Seven (LBs, CBs, and Safeties)!

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