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SNS Weekly Scouting Report - October 20, 2023

(Olumuyiwa Fashanu / OT / Penn State)

This week, SNS continues the roll out the 2024 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings. The 2024 NFL Draft could have several potential franchise QBs, quite a few stud WRs, a deep group of OTs, and a quality group of DTs. SNS is rolling out the first set of rankings that will be updated on a regular basis through the draft in April. So, let’s take a look at the Top 10 Offensive Prospect Position Rankings – Offensive Tackles & IOL!

Offensive Tackles

Ideal size, height, and length for a starting OLT. Moves and kick slides easily to neutralize speed. Very strong – difficult to bull rush. Plays with great natural knee bend. Smooth and athletic. Uses length well to extend and control the defender. Powerful punch but needs to be more consistent in placement.

2. Joe Alt / Notre Dame

Father is former NFL Pro Bowl OT Jon Alt. Very good size with long arms and a strong upper body. Smart and aware. Seals the outside run with size, positioning, and strength. Athletic to switch off blocks, engage, and open run lanes via his adjustments. Good arm extension – locks out and the defender is typically neutralized. Plays with great leverage. Very difficult to bull rush. Athletic enough to get to the second level. Pulls and can be very effective in that role. Lined up almost exclusively across from OSU’s Edge JT Tuimoloau and effectively neutralized him throughout the game.

3. Kelvin Banks / Texas

Excellent size and length with grapevines for arms. Moves fluidly and can mirror speed on the edge. Plays with a wide base and natural knee bend. Strong – when he latches on, it is typically over. Strong hands and control the defender with power and arm extension.

4. Jordan Morgan / Arizona

Excellent size, height, and length with prototypical measureables for OLT. Natural knee bender who plays with outstanding leverage. Easy kick slide and handles speed well. Excellent mirror and reaction skills.

5. Kingsley Suamatala / BYU

Extremely big with a huge frame. Huge wingspan. Great athlete who covers ground long pulling in the run game. Impressive movement skills. Very easy kick slide. When he extends arms and places his hands on the defender, the defender is typically neutralized. Very good grip strength. Balanced and adjusts to movement well.

6. Patrick Paul / Houston

Very good size, frame, girth, and wingspan – has grapevines for arms. Excellent bend and plays with outstanding leverage and base. Effective pulling and gets good fits at the second level. Mirror and slides and adjusts to speed and movement well.

7. Walter Rouse / Oklahoma

Ideal size and length for a blindside OT. Naturally athletic and moves with fluidity. Easy kick slide and mirrors extremely well. Displays quick twitch at the snap and often wins because of it. Long arms used well in punching, resetting, and striking again. Could improve shock in his hands. Doesn’t get much movement in the run game and needs to improve his power and strength.

Very good size with good length. Natural knee bender. Very good balance. Athletic and has a smooth kick slide. Quick enough to lead on screens and sweeps on the second level. Effectively throws punches then replaces them and fires again. Good arm extension.

9. Graham Barton / Duke

Prototypical size and build for an OT with decent arm length. Athletic. Mirror and slides well – smooth and easy. May lack some desired strength but is technically solid and his positioning and adjustments are text book.

10. Joshua Gray / Oregon State

Prototypical size and length – looks the part. Plays on the balls of his feet and has a smooth kick slide. Natural knee bender which helps him negate bull rushes. Athletic enough to project to OLT in the NFL. Needs to work on arm extension and not allow the edge to get into his body. Punch lacks pop and he needs work on grip strength and placement.

Other Prospects Worth Monitoring – JC Latham / Alabama, Jalen Rivers / Miami (FL), Robert Scott / Florida State, Blake Miller / Clemson, LaDarius Henderson / Michigan, William Barnes / North Carolina, Anthony Belton / North Carolina State, Wyatt Milium / West Virginia, Christian Duffie / Kansas State, Dalton Cooper / Oklahoma State, and Amarius Mims / Georgia


1. Cooper Beebe (OG) / Kansas State

Ideal size and length with a wide base. Plays with excellent bend. Technician who is always in position and is assignment responsible. Extremely strong and powerful and can reset the LOS with strength. Moves effectively out to the second level and gets good fits in the run game. Powerful drive blocker. Plays balanced and under control and adjusts to movement and games well. Anchors well and is difficult to bull rush.

2. Zak Zinter (OG) / Michigan

Possesses prototypical size, mass, and length. Plays with bend and tenacity. Can pull out to the second level. Plays with a wide base and handles games and stunts well. Balanced and is a quality pass protector.

3. Sedrick Van Pran (OC) / Georgia

Extremely experienced and reliable pivot. Works well in combination blocks. Plays with a wide base. Knee bender. Effective moving out to the second level – smooth and adjusts to moving targets well. Has started over 33 games in his career.

4. Zach Frazier (OC) / West Virginia

Good height, weight, and girth. Plays with great leverage and a wide base. Difficult to bull rush due to knee bend. Athletic and can pull out to the second level. Strong and can get movement in short yardage situations. Very smart and makes the line calls.

5. Donovan Jackson (OG) / Ohio State

Prototypical size, length, and girth for an IOL. Very experienced, aware, and durable. Plays with great leverage and strength in the running game. Pulls effectively to the second level.

Very good size with enough length to play ORT – shifted to ORT after Amarius Mims left South Carolina game with an injury. A bit of a waist bender but very strong and offers good quickness and agility. Good arm length and hand use – has effective shock in his hands.

7. Trevor Keegan (OG) / Michigan

Very good size and length for an IOL. Strong and physical and handles size and power well. A bit of a waist bender. Smart, alert, and aware to games and stunts. Looks for work and is active along the line.

8. Sincere Haynesworth (OC) / Tulane

Undersized – lacks height, length, and desired mass. Extremely quick – wins at the snap due to initial explosiveness. Plays with excellent leverage. Plays with great bend and a wide base – sustains surprisingly well against the bull rush. Great mobility and gets out to the second level easily. Works well on combo blocks. Smart, alert, and aware. Good communicator. Experienced, reliable, and durable.

9. Beaux Limmer (OC) / Arkansas

Good size with adequate length. Knee bender who moves well and is effective out to the second level. Adjusts to movement well. Handles size on his nose well. Smart and aware – senses pressure adjusts and picks up blitzers.

10. Tate Ratledge (OG) / Georgia

Excellent sized IOL who plays with good bend. Strong punch. Moves well and can lead blocks out to the second level. Powerful and can drive his opponent off the line with pure force.

Other Prospects Worth Monitoring – Drake Nugent (OC) / Michigan, Matt Jones (OG) / Ohio State, Christian Mahogany (OG) / Boston College, Christian Haynes (OG) / Connecticut, Javion Cohen (OG) / Miami, Fl, JD Duplain (OG) / Michigan State, Nick Samac (OC) / Michigan State, Will Putnam (OC) / Clemson, Jake Kradel (OC) / Pittsburgh, Jacob Monk (OC) / Duke, Maurice McIntyre (OG) / Duke, and Maurice Smith (OC) / Florida State

Continuing next week, SNS releases the next installment of the 2024 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings – Edge Rushers & IDL (DT / 5T)!

SNS – YOUR Source for Everything NFL Draft!

(Cooper Beebe / OG / Kansas State)


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