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SNS 2024 NFL Scouting Combine Day One (DL & LB) Winners & Losers

(Dallas Turner / Edge / Alabama)

Edge Rusher Winners

Laiatu Latu / UCLA

6046 / 259 / 32.5” Arms / 78.2” Wingspan

4.64 40 / 1.62 10-yard split / 32” vertical / 9’ 8” broad jump

Transfer from Washington. Transferred after having a potential career ending injury that cost him nearly two seasons of playing time. Recovered and had back-to-back double-digit sack seasons at UCLA. Smooth and balanced mover. Great footwork and is technically sound in all aspects of the game. 21.5 TFL (led nation) in 2023. Won 2023 Hendricks Award.


Chop Robinson / Penn State

6027 / 254 / 32.4” Arms / 76.2” Wingspan

4.48 40 / 1.54 10-yard split / 34.5” vertical / 10’ 8” broad jump

Perhaps no player looked smoother and more athletic on Thursday than the Nittany Lion pass rusher. Although his primary duty will be rushing the passer, Robinson looked fluid and nimble enough to cover a flat as an off the ball LB. Robinson’s production is marginal but he looks ready to take his game to the next level. He looks like a definite first round pick in April.


Jared Verse / Florida State

6037 / 254 / 33.4” Arms / 75.4” Wingspan

4.58 40 / 1.67 10-yard split / 35” vertical / 10’7” broad jump / 7.31 3-cone drill

Verse looks like a power player on film, similar to Will Anderson (Houston), the 2023 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, but moved better than expected on Thursday. Verse is the most consistent of the top Edge prospects in April’s draft and his performance looks to make him a top 15 pick in April’s draft.


Marshawn Kneeland / Western Michigan

6030 / 267 / 34.4” Arms / 83.3” Wingspan

4.75 40 / 1.66 10-yard split / 35.5” vertical / 9’11” broad jump

Speaking of a power player who moved well on the field in Indianapolis, Kneeland looks like a top 50 player in this draft. He has ideal length with a massive wingspan who looks like a 4-3 DE or an athletic 5T with the athletic profile to excel rushing as an inside pass rusher on passing downs. Kneeland made himself a lot of $$$ on Thursday afternoon.


Dallas Turner / Alabama

6026 / 247 / 34.3” Arms / 83” Wingspan

4.46 40 / 1.54 10-yard split / 40.5” vertical / 10’7” broad jump

The former Crimson Tide LB ran extremely well on Thursday and his vertical and broad jumps were explosive. He displayed the bend and burst that is desired off the corner during movement drills on the field on Thursday evening. Turner looks like a top 20 pick in Detroit in April.


Edge Rusher Losers

Bralen Trice / Washington

6034 / 245 / 32.4” Arms

4.72 40 / 1.65 10-yard split

Trice moved well – in a straight line. But when the drills required him to show light feet and loose hips, the Washington Husky looked clunky and tight. When you add his inconsistent performances on the field and it becomes apparent that Trice will not go off the board in round one in April.


Austin Booker / Kansas

6044 / 240 / 33.7” Arms / 81.3” Wingspan

4.79 40 / 1.67 10-yard split / 32.5” vertical / 10’0” broad jump

Booker is a great athlete – as demonstrated by his vertical and broad jumps. But he looked tight and moved slower than expected – his 10-yard split, specifically, was unexpectedly slow. Booker looks to be limited to pass rushing / moving forward and may not have enough size to line up as an every down 4-3 DE. His pro day workout in Lawrence will be key in improving his draft standing.


IDL Winners

Byron Murphy / Texas

6004 / 297 / 10.2” Hands / 32.3” Arms / 77.1” Wingspan

4.87 40 / 1.69 10-yard split / 33” vertical / 9’3” broad jump

Murphy is undersized – but damn, he has elite quickness and burst and his athleticism looks special. The Longhorn DT has the suddenness and explosiveness reminiscent of Aaron Donald. He won’t fit every scheme but teams needing an inside pass rusher will take notice of Murphy.


Mekhi Wingo / LSU

6002 / 284 / 32” Arms / 77.7” Wingspan

4.85 40 / 1.64 10-yard split / 31.5” vertical / 9.1” broad jump

Another lightning quick DT, Wingo moves with grace and ease and will press any hole and make the IOL pay for mistakes. Wingo has special burst but needs to improve his consistency. He looks to be a potential special player in the NFL with continued development.


Braden Fiske / Florida State

6058 / 292 / 31” Arms / 75.6” Wingspan

4.78 40 / 1.68 10-yard split / 33.5” vertical / 9’9” broad jump

The former Western Michigan Bronco transferred to Florida State and became an All-American in his lone season in Tallahassee. And it looks like he is just starting to tap into his potential. Fiske may have moved himself into first round consideration with his performance on Thursday. He is quick, plays low, wins with leverage, and is a sneaky good athlete. If his arms were longer, he’d be drawing JJ Watt comps.


T’Vondre Sweat / Texas

6044 / 366 / 10.1” Hands / 33.2” Arms / 81.2” Wingspan

5.27 40 / 1.80 10-yard split / 26” vertical / 8’2” broad jump

The NFL Scouting Combine is not made to feature the talents of a run stuffing force such as Sweat. His numbers were pedestrian but he came into Indy in relatively good shape and looked fit and actually moved quite well. Sweat is likely to have weight clauses in his rookie contract and his weight will be an on-going concern. But he is an absolute beast against the run and he made himself some money on Thursday.


IDL Losers

Justin Eboigbe / Alabama

6043 / 297 / 33.3” Arms / 80.6” Wingspan

5.18 40 / 1.81 10-yard split / 28” vertical / 9’3” broad jump

The Crimson Tide 5T is big, strong, and physical. Unfortunately, he looked tight in movement drills and does not appear to bend well. Still, he is an experienced and reliable 3-4 DE who will fit some schemes but not all types of defenses. Eboigbe looks like a late round pick in April.


Marcus Harris / Auburn

6023 / 286 / 32” Arms / 78.2” Wingspan

5.06 40 / 1.77 10-yard split / 29.5” vertical / 8’7” broad jump

In a draft full of exceedingly quick and explosive IDL, Harris just lacks in comparison to Murphy, Wingo, Fiske, Orhorhoro, and several others in quickness and burst. Harris’ pro day workout will be a chance for him to improve his numbers before the draft.


LB Winners

Payton Wilson / North Carolina State

6040 / 233 / 30.4” Arms

4.43 40 / 1.54 10-yard split / 34.5” vertical / 9’11” broad jump

The former North Carolina high school wrestling champion is a great athlete with unbelievable speed and burst for his size. Factor in his quality instincts and it becomes clear that Wilson has special talent. Wilson has an extensive injury history so his medical evaluations will go a long way in determining his draft status. But Wilson is a very good athlete and helped himself immensely Thursday night.


Trevin Wallace / Kentucky

6010 / 237 / 32.5” Arms

4.51 40 / 1.62 10-yard split / 37.5” vertical / 10’7” broad jump

Wallace is a big-time hitter and physical force in the middle of defense. He has excellent instincts and stacks and sheds exceedingly well. What no one expected was his speed and range. While watching him on film, his instincts clearly give him an advantage. Now factor in his speed and Wallace looks like a three down ILB, a rarity in today’s NFL.


Edgerrin Cooper / Texas A&M

6020 / 230 / 34” Arms

4.51 40 / 1.54 10-yard split / 34.5” vertical / 9’10” broad jump

If you were drafting merely on speed and athleticism, Cooper would be a top 10 pick. He’s fast and explosive and is an excellent open field tackler. However, his instincts still need development and he tends to run himself out of plays as much as into them. But from a workout stand point, Cooper hit a home run on Thursday and may end up as a first round draft pick in April.


Edefuan Ulofoshio / Washington

6004 / 236 / 32.7” Arms

4.56 40 / 1.59 10-yard split / 39.5” vertical / 10’8” broad jump

The most surprising athletic performance on Thursday was by the Husky LB. Ulofoshio ran fast and that speed is directly related to the spring in his legs exhibited in his vertical and broad jumps. Much like Wilson, Ulofoshio has an extensive injury history. But he is a crazy good athlete and most likely will be drafted early on day 3 in April.


LB Loser

Maema Njongmeta / Wisconsin

6000 / 229 / 32.1” Arms

4.91 40 / 1.63 10-yard split

In a draft with some crazy fast LBs, being slow afoot can be costly. The Wisconsin Badger is a reliable tackler who is smart and assignment sound. But his speed and foot quickness are lacking and he was by far the slowest LB in Indianapolis on Thursday. The Wisconsin pro day will be an opportunity to put together a better performance – something he may need to do to hear his name called in Detroit in April.



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