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SNS 2024 NFL Draft Top 100 Rankings - Prospects #76-100

(Roman Wilson / WR / Michigan)

SNS releases our initial 2024 NFL Draft prospect Top 100 rankings, taking a deep dive into prospects earning a third-round draft grade in April. It should be noted that these rankings are separate from the positional rankings previously released in the SNS Weekly Scouting Reports since scouting is a continual process throughout the fall, winter, and spring and scouting reports are regularly updated throughout the process. Furthermore, players have yet to declare their draft intentions, postseason all-star bowl invitations have yet to be issued or accepted, and the NFL Scouting Combine have not identified which prospects to invite to Indianapolis (February 26 – March 4). So, with these qualifications aside, let’s take look at prospects ranked #76-100!


QB (1) – Rattler (#87). Former Heisman candidate at Oklahoma has demonstrated enough upside to be developed as a potential starter.

RB (2) – Brooks (#82) & Lloyd (#98). Brooks has bided his time at UT and is taking advantage of the opportunity. Lloyd, a transfer from South Carolina, combines size and speed to be a potential high NFL draft choice.

WR (2) – Wilson (#89) & Legette (#95). Wilson is a short but well-built, agile, and fast and uncovers easily. Legette offers a combination of size, speed, and a large catch radius to be developed as a potential #1 WR.

TE (2) – Bell (#88) & Stover (#100). Bell, a transfer from South Carolina (I’m sensing a pattern here. Don’t ya think?), offers an intriguing combination of size and athleticism. Stover is a quality blocker and a developing threat in the passing game.

OT (1) – Gray (#84). Gray is technically sound and has enough lateral agility to project as a potential starting OLT.

IOL (1) – Keegan (#93). Michigan has been a major producer of quality IOL for a few years now and Keegan fits the mold with size, strength, and experience to eventually start in the NFL.

EDGE (4) – Stone (#79), Morris-Brash (#91), Braswell (#94), & Rucker (#96). This year’s Edge class has neither the elite talent nor the depth of the ’23 class, but there are several contributors and potential starters in next year’s draft class. Stone, Braswell, and Rucker offer speed off the corner while TMB is a combo player who offers length, power, and the ability to play in space.

IDL (3) – Corleone (#76), Oatis (#90), & Smith (#99). Corleone is one of the best run defenders in college football. Alabama teammates Oatis and Smith offer experienced run stuffers with upside to be developed into quality inside pass rushers.

LB (3) – Trotter (#81), Echols (#86), & Haladay (#92). Trotter, son of the former All-Pro, is a classic ILB with surprising speed. Echols and Haladay fit the model of the modern-day NFL off the ball LB with range and tackling ability.

CB (3) – Lassiter (#77), Hart (#80), & White (#83). Lassiter in the next in line of quality CBs developed by Georgia. Hart is experienced and versatile. White offers good size and length as part of a quality CB duo in Raleigh (Shyheim Battle).

S (3) – Bullock (#78), Ransom (#85), & Hicks (#97). Bullock is comfortable in coverage or in run support. Ransom is part of a very talented OSU secondary. Hicks is just starting to scratch the surface of his immense potential.

76. Dontay Corleone / IDL / Cincinnati

77. Kamari Lassiter / CB / Georgia

78. Calen Bullock / S / USC

79. Ron Stone / EDGE / Washington State

80. Cam Hart / CB / Notre Dame

81. Jeremiah Trotter / LB / Clemson

82. Jonathan Brooks / RB / Texas

83. Aydan White / CB / North Carolina St.

84. Joshua Gray / OT / Oregon State

85. Lathan Ransom / S / Ohio State

86. Power Echols / LB / North Carolina

87. Spencer Rattler / QB / South Carolina

88. Jaheim Bell / TE / Florida State

89. Roman Wilson / WR / Michigan

90. Jaheim Oatis / IDL / Alabama

91. Tre'Mon Morris-Brash / EDGE / UCF

92. Cal Haladay / LB / Michigan State

93. Trevor Keegan / IOL / Michigan

94. Chris Braswell / EDGE / Alabama

95. Xavier Legette / WR / South Carolina

96. Kaimon Rucker / EDGE / North Carolina

97. Jaden Hicks / S / Washington State

98. MarShawn Lloyd / RB / USC

99. Tim Smith / IDL / Alabama

100. Cade Stover / TE / Ohio State

NFL Draft Eligibility Rules Change

On Wednesday, November 8, the NFL informed all 32 NFL teams that eligibility rules for declaring for the NFL Draft have changed. Previously, only juniors (players three years out of high school) who had graduated could play in one of the postseason all-star games (i.e. Senior Bowl, Shrine Bowl, and NFLPA Bowl). But starting with the 2024 NFL Draft, any junior (or draft-eligible sophomore) can participate in any postseason all-star game.


The all-star game rosters just potentially got more talented and deeper with legit NFL prospects. The top juniors are still likely to skip the all-star games but the rosters should be better and deeper. Unfortunately, some marginal and smaller school prospects will lose invitations to these bowl games, hindering their ability to get drafted or get OTA invitations from NFL teams.

Next week, SNS releases the 2024 NFL Draft Top 100 Rankings – Prospects ranked #51 – 75!

SNS – YOUR Source for Everything NFL Draft!


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