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About the Publisher

Welcome to Stack ‘N Shed, Football Player Analysis for the Inquisitive Fan!

This is my passion project that I’ve put three decades of hard work into developing. Ever since I saw “The Tyler Rose” Earl Campbell batter defenses with sledge hammer strength yet had ballerina’s feet and could slide and glide past tackle attempts with ease, I could not quite fathom how this could happen. How was this possible? How could a 245-pound man run like he was 180-pound CB? This started me down a rabbit hole I have never escaped!

I was fascinated by the NFL Draft when it occurred on a Wednesday morning in April and was only covered on ESPN in a scrolling ticker at the bottom of the screen! No Mel Kiper. No Mike Mayock. Just player names rolling across the bottom of the TV – no analysis of the picks! And I was shocked when I realized that the New York Giants had selected Kent Graham, QB, Ohio State in the 8th round of the 1992 NFL Draft. (I still haven’t figured that one out!)

I knew nothing about what skills, abilities, and physical requirements it took to play football at the NFL level. What’s the difference between a Jonathan Ogden (NFL Hall of Fame) and a Jason Smith (First round draft bust) that made one a standard bearer and the other one a cautionary tale for draft evaluators? And exactly how do I learn to evaluate football players? There are no courses, classes, or teachers going around and teaching scouting skills. And unfortunately, my athletic ability and subsequent football aspirations capped off my football career many years prior to being able to use it as a platform for scouting. But I understood football – I have a passion that often consumes me and occupies my mind. Then I learned of Pro Football Weekly and their primary scouting expert, Joel Buschbaum. Joel was a frail man who died unfortunately way too young at the age of 48 in 2002. Coaches wouldn’t let him play because of his health issues as a youth, so he began poring over film and writing scouting reports. He became a highly respected scouting expert. Bill Belichick stated the following at the time of his death. “He knew the players better than any scout for any team," Belichick said. "Studying film is crucial, and that's why he was so good. He did it 24 hours a day." So I figured if Joel could do it, so could I. I started ordering his annual scouting guides and devouring them so I could learn how to scout. And after years and years I learned about the importance of strength, speed, leverage, pad level, hand use, knee bend, instincts, football intelligence and a thousand other terms that were once foreign to me but now are part of my lexicon!

This website is the culmination of three decades of scouting college players and trying to figure out what it takes to make it as an NFL player. All of the scouting reports are mine (over 200 scouting reports are included in the initial release of this website with dozens more to come between now and the NFL Draft in April). This website will be updated on a regular basis up to the draft in April, during the off-season, and most importantly, during the season. Player scouting is nearly a year-round process and Stack ‘N Shed will reflect that fact! So bookmark this page and reference regularly – it’ll be worth your time!


John B. Everett

Founder and Publisher of Stack ‘N Shed, Independent College Football Scouting for the Inquisitive Fan!

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