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SNS 2024 NFL Draft Team Analysis - NFC EAST

Updated: May 2

Dallas Cowboys

DRAFT / UDFA GRADE:  2.5 Stars

Total Picks - 8


1 (29) Tyler Guyton / OT / Oklahoma

2 (56) Marshawn Kneeland / EDGE / Western Michigan

3 (73) Cooper Beebe / IOL / Kansas State

3 (87) Marist Liufau / LB / Notre Dame

5 (174) Caelen Carson / CB / Wake Forest

6 (216) Ryan Flournoy / WR / SE Missouri State

7 (233) Nathan Thomas / OT / Louisiana

6 (204) Justin Rogers / IDL / Auburn


Nathaniel Peat / RB / Missouri

Cam Johnson / WR / Northwestern

Corey Crooms / WR / Minnesota

Brevyn Spann-Ford / TE / Minnesota

Denzel Daxon / IDL / Illinois

Jason Johnson / LB / UCF

Josh DeBerry / DB / Texas A&M


The old saying of "marching to the beat of their own drummer" seems to apply to the Dallas Cowboys. After losing RB Tony Pollard in free agency, it seemed that the Cowboys were going to select at least one RB in this draft, and certainly no later than the third round. Not only did Dallas not take a RB in the first three rounds, they failed to select ANY RB in this draft and have only signed one UDFA, Nathaniel Peat, a career backup RB with good agility and burst. It is hard to imagine the Cowboys going into the coming season with Rico Dowdle, Deuece Vaughn, Peat, and recently re-signed Ezekiel Elliott. But barring a trade or additions after final cuts are made in late August, this is what the Cowboys intend to do. It's a head scratcher.

Dallas traded down in the first round, acquired additional draft picks, and selected the massive OT prospect Tyler Guyton out of Oklahoma. Guyton is a project with great size, a huge wingspan, and light feet. He's a natural athlete who is a converted TE but lacks experience as an OT with only one year of starting experience. He's a waist bender who is susceptible to a bull rush, despite his size. He needs to play with better leverage and get his pads lower but he has a game similar to Hall of Famer Jonathan Ogden with tremendous upside. Kneeland is a power rusher with a non-stop motor. He will contribute, if not start, as a rookie. Beebe was a steal in the third round. He is the best run blocker in this draft, is smart and aware, and handles speed and power equally well. He should start from day one. Liufau offers a solid run defender with coverage ability to pick up TEs in coverage. His best skill is rushing the passer. He is the best blitzer in this class. Carson is an experienced and productive CB with very good ball skills. Thomas is a project with limited foot speed but is as strong as an ox. He should serve as a valuable backup OT / OG as a rookie. Rogers, a 5-star recruit who never has played to his hype, is strong and powerful. He is a classic two gap DT with limited pass rush upside.

Johnson is a tall WR with a large catch radius who should push for a practice squad spot this fall. Crooms, a transfer from Western Michigan, is a slot receiver who is more quick than fast and works the middle of the field well. He has a chance to make the 53 man roster. Spann-Ford enters a crowded TE room but he offers size, a huge catch radius, and plenty of experience as an in-line blocker. He will most likely start the year on the practice squad. Daxon was the third DT for Illinois (behind  Johnny Newton and Keith Randolph) and is a quality run stopper with little pass rushing skill. Johnson has great foot speed and range. He primarily plays outside but can handle duties inside. He has a great chance of making the roster this summer. DeBerry is a tweener who has the size the Cowboys like in their CBs.

NY Giants


Total Picks - 6


1 (6) Malik Nabers / WR / LSU

2 (47) Tyler Nubin / S / Minnesota

3 (70) Andru Phillips / CB / Kentucky

4 (107) Theo Johnson / TE / Penn State

5 (166) Tyrone Tracy / RB / Purdue

6 (183) Darius Muasau / LB / UCLA


Chris Autman-Bell / WR / Minnesota

JD Duplain / IOL / Michigan State

William Barnes / OL / North Carolina

Ovie Oghoufo / EDGE / Texas


The Giants only had six draft picks and used those selections to address needs on their roster. Nabers gives NY the most dynamic receiving option they have had since OBJ departed. He has elite acceleration and top end speed. He is quick into, and out of, his breaks and runs quality routes. He will be the Giants' #1 WR the moment he steps on the field. Nubin, SNS' #1 safety prospect, replaces the departed Xavier McKinney with a big, fast, and instinctive player who plays the run and pass equally well. Phillips is an experienced SEC CB with man cover skills and the toughness to support against the run. Johnson is an extremely athletic TE who only started one year in Happy Valley. He has prototypical size and skills and will be the heir apparent to Darren Waller. Tracy is one of the best receiving RBs in this draft. His running instincts are developing and he has little wear and tear on his body. Tracy should make the 53 man roster in September. Muasau fits the mold of the modern off the ball LB with good range and tackling ability. He should excel on special teams.

Autman-Bell missed most of last season with an injury. He lacks great speed but has good size and a large catch radius. He'll compete with Bryce Ford-Wheaton for a roster spot this fall. Duplain has 47 career starts at Michigan State, is highly durable, and technically solid. He has a good chance of making the regular season roster. Barnes started multiple years at North Carolina at OLT but projects as a guard in the NFL. He's strong and mobile but spends too much time on the ground. Oghoufo, a transfer from Texas, lacks some desired physical attributes but is experienced and productive with 15.5 career sacks.

Philadelphia Eagles


Total Picks - 9


1 (22) Quinyon Mitchell / CB / Toledo

2 (40) Cooper DeJean / CB / Iowa

3 (94) Jalyx Hunt / EDGE / Houston Baptist

4 (127) Will Shipley / RB / Clemson

5 (152) Ainias Smith / WR / Texas A&M

5 (155) Jeremiah Trotter / LB / Clemson

5 (172) Trevor Keegan / IOL / Michigan

6 (185) Johnny Wilson / WR / Florida State

6 (190) Dylan McMahon / IOL / North Carolina State


Kendall Milton / RB / Georgia

Anim Dankwah / OT / Howard

Gabe Hall / IDL / Baylor

Andre Sam / S / LSU


GM Howie Roseman just operates on a different level than other GMs. Philadelphia always seems to have extra picks, move up and down the draft board as needed, acquire future draft picks, and oh yeah, select outstanding football players with the picks they use. The 2024 NFL Draft was no exception. The Eagles secondary, although solid, began to show weaknesses last year. So, the Eagles solidified those coverage issues by selecting SNS' top 2 CB prospects, Mitchell and DeJean. Mitchell is smooth, fluid, and a very good ball athlete. DeJean has the best ball skills of any CB in this draft with the movement skills and strength to handle slot or outside coverage responsibilities. If he becomes a starter, he would be the first full-time starting white CB since Jason Sehorn retired over 20 years ago. Hunt is a project that will not have to contribute right away. But he has the size, athleticism, and speed to become a productive pass rusher. Shipley will be part of the RB rotation this coming season. His running style is a mash of Derrick Henry and Christian McCaffrey and he is a well-rounded RB. Smith is exceedingly quick and agile. He is virtually impossible to cover one on one and is a mismatch piece operating out of the slot. An inability to stay healthy has been a continual issue in college. Trotter, son of former Eagle Pro Bowl LB Jeremiah, Sr., is a slightly smaller and faster version of his father. He is a big time hitter that likes to crush offensive players with the ball. Keegan is experienced and durable. He should provide quality depth this season. Wilson, the largest WR prospect in his class, has great straight line speed and a huge catch radius but lacks quickness and has questionable hands. He may be converted to TE. McMahon may have difficulty making the final roster but he could be developed into a starting center down the line.

Milton offers a different kind of RB in Philly's backfield - he's a big, rugged power back that may take some short yardage carries away from Hurts - if he makes the team. Dankwah is raw but has great measurables and the Eagles have the depth to develop him on the practice squad. Hall look and works out like a stud athlete with strength, speed, and power. Unfortunately, that talent does not show up on the field much. If the Eagles can motivate him, he could be special. Sam, a transfer from McNeese State, transferred to LSU and worked his way up the depth chart to starting and eventually earning a combine invite. Special teams will be key to his immediate NFL future.

Washington Commanders


Total Picks - 9


1 (2) Jayden Daniels / QB / LSU

2 (36) Johnny Newton / IDL / Illinois

2 (50) Mike Sainristil / CB / Michigan

2 (53) Ben Sinnott / TE / Kansas State

3 (67) Brandon Coleman / OL / TCU

3 (100) Luke McCaffrey / WR / Rice

5 (139) Jordan Magee / LB / Temple

5 (161) Domonique Hampton / S / Washington

7 (222) Javontae Jean-Baptiste / EDGE / Notre Dame


Sam Hartman / QB / Notre Dame

Austin Jones / RB / USC

Michael Wiley / RB / Arizona

Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint / WR / Georgia

Chigozie Ansiem / CB / Colorado State

Tyler Owens / S / Texas Tech


Washington has been searching for their franchise QB for at least 12 years now and they may have finally found one in the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, Daniels. Daniels has the complete package of skills needed at QB - arm strength, accuracy, field vision, mobility, and leadership. In the open field, he reminds one of Lamar Jackson. Special talent. Newton addresses the need to put more pressure on the QB by being an impact rusher as a DT with the strength to hold the edge in run support. Sainristil, a former WR, is an accomplished slot corner with the hips, fluidity, and ball skills to be a Pro Bowl-level player. Sinnott is a true in-line TE with good athleticism and YAC ability while being a good blocker. Coleman played OLT at TCU but will likely slide inside to guard. He plays with leverage and natural power. McCaffrey (son of former NFL WR Ed; brother of Niners RB Christian), a former QB, is still raw as a receiver but he is smart and savvy and has good speed. Magee was a multi-year starter and a leader that teammates rally around. Hampton is a big safety with good stopping power and range and may be coverted to LB because of his size. JJB, a transfer from Ohio State, offers nice twitch and bend but lacks much of a pass rush arsenal. He has an excellent chance of making the 53 man roster.

Hartman was surprisingly not drafted despite earning a mid-round grade from most scouts. He possesses NFL size, a strong arm, very good field vision for reading and manipulating coverages, and natural leadership skills. Hartman may be hard pressed to make Washington's roster but will at least gain a practice squad spot this fall. Jones and Wiley, two PAC-12 RBs, offer differing skill sets and will compete for, most likely, one roster spot. Jones is a quality inside runner with limited long speed or wiggle. Wiley is an excellent receiver and route runner whose key to making the roster is proving he can run the ball inside consistently. Rosemy-Jacksaint most likely wishes he had returned to college for another season. He offers very good size and reach. He's the best blocking WR in this class and has intriguing upside. He has a good shot at earning a job this summer. Anusiem has the desired size and frame for outside corner duties but has difficulty handling quickness and speed in space. Owens has an ideal combination of speed and size - looks the part. Too much of a track athlete and does not like to tackle or do the dirty work. Special teams will be the key to his immediate NFL future.

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