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SNS 2024 NFL Draft Team Analysis - AFC NORTH

Baltimore Ravens

DRAFT / UDFA GRADE:   4.5 Stars

Total Picks - 9


1 (30) Nate Wiggins / CB / Clemson

2 (62) Roger Rosengarten / OT / Washington

3 (93) Adisa Isaac / EDGE / Penn State

4 (113) Devontez Walker / WR / North Carolina

4 (130) TJ Tampa / CB / Iowa State

5 (165) Rasheen Ali / RB / Marshall

6 (218) Devin Leary / QB / Kentucky

7 (228) Nick Samac / IOL / Michigan State

7 (250) Sanoussi Kane / S / Purdue


Tayvion Robinson / WR / Kentucky

Dayton Wade / WR / Ole Miss

Corey Bullock / IOL / Maryland

Darrian Dalcourt / IOL / Alabama

Joe Evans / EDGE / Iowa

Ja'Mion Franklin / DL / Duke

Tramel Walthour / DL / Georgia

Beau Brade / S / Maryland


For more than two decades the Ravens have had one of the best scouting departments in the NFL. They clearly develop a plan and then execute that plan. The 2024 NFL Draft was no exception. The Ravens know what type of player they want and stick to their plan. In round one the Ravens selected the fast and sticky Wiggins who has good length, excellent reaction skills, and loose hips has a game and body similar to Emmanuel Forbes (Washington), just not quite as prolific ball skills. Rosengarten played ORT at Washington blocking for southpaw QB Michael Penix and looks like a great swing tackle who can play either OT spot. Isaac is raw but has good initial quickness, oustanding bend, and an effective closing burst on the QB. The Ravens never pass on elite talent when it falls to them, and in the third round, a first round talent fell into their laps. With pick #113 in the fourth round, the Ravens selected Walker a tall, fast WR, with great height, a huge catch radius, and great leaping ability. He suffered concentration drops at the Senior Bowl (a problem that didn't seem to plague him during the season) and his stock suffered as a result. But in the fourth round, he's an absolute steal. Tampa has a good combination of size and agility and fits what Baltimore likes in their outside CBs. Ali looked like an NFL RB with the vision, agility, and burst to contribute but suffered a devastating knee injury at midseason. Leary is an interesting selection. He is a solid, old school pocket passer with enough talent to be developed. But he seems like an odd fit behind Lamar Jackson. Samac broke his ankle at the end of the season but had been durable up until that point. He has natural power and plays with good leverage. He may get a look at guard. Kane has a good combination of size and speed. Special teams could be his ticket to a roster spot.

Robinson and Wade will likely be competing for the same roster spot as quick, agile slot receivers. The loser of the competition has a good chance to get a practice squad spot. Bullock is an experienced, durable, and technically sound guard who should secure a practice squad spot. Dalcourt was a versatile backup at Alabama who will try to be a similar jack-of-all trades player at the NFL level. Evans flashes moments of domination where he combines power with speed and a nonstop motor. The Ravens hope to get him to be more consistent. Franklin is an undersized DT who may get a shot at 5T. He has a good chance to make the practice squad. Walthour is highly experienced and versatile backup whose flexibility will be key to his immediate NFL future. Brade looks the part but got exposed at the Senior Bowl. Special teams play will determine his NFL future.

Cincinnati Bengals


Total Picks - 10


1 (18) Amarius Mims / OT / Georgia

2 (49) Kris Jenkins / IDL / Michigan

3 (80) Jermaine Burton / WR / Alabama

3 (97) McKinnley Jackson / IDL / Texas A&M

4 (115) Erick All / TE / Iowa

5 (149) Josh Newton / CB / TCU

6 (194) Tanner McLachlan / TE / Arizona

6 (214) Cedric Johnson / EDGE / Ole Miss

7 (224) Daijahn Anthony / S / Ole Miss

7 (237) Matt Lee / IOL / Miami, Fl


Rocky Lombardi / QB / Northern Illinois

Elijah Collins / RB / Oklahoma State

Eric Miller / OT / Louisville

Aaron Casey / LB / Indiana

Maema Njongmeta / LB / Wisconsin

Austin McNamara / P / Texas Tech


Mims lacks experience with only one season of starting but he is a physical specimen with outstanding size and length. He needs development in technique but he is a very good athlete who should be a longtime fixture on the Bengals offensive line. Jenkins, SNS' #2 IDL, is a freak athlete with NFL bloodlines. He has size, quickness, and strength. Burton was Alabama's best receiver last year. He combines size, length, and speed to become a possible replacement for the disgruntled Tee Higgins. Jackson is a big, strong, and sturdy run stuffer who offers little pass rushing upside. All, a transfer from Michigan, was injured early in his senior season at Iowa but proved to be a well-rounded TE who can handle in-line blocking duties. Newton should contribute as a rookie. He has average size and length but he is fluid and highly instinctive. McLachlan has an excellent combination of size and athleticism and works well as a classic Y TE. Johnson looks the part of a 4-3 DE with good quickness and bend. Unfortunately, he disappears for long stretches of time. Anthony can play as a single high free safety but is best as a slot corner with the quickness and length to bother smaller receivers. Lee lacks some size, girth, and power but is technically sound and smart. He has an excellent chance of making the 53 man roster.

Lombardi, who has started at Michigan State and Northern Illinois, has a body and playing style similar to Tim Tebow. Lombardi has great arm strength but accuracy issues have haunted him throughout his career. Collins rushed for nealy 1,000 yards at Michigan State in 2019 but could never duplicate that success again. After transferring to Oklahoma State, Collins served as the backup to phenom Ollie Gordon. Collins could earn a spot on the practice squad. Miller has started at OLT at Purdue and Louisville, but lacks the athleticism to play there in the NFL and he may lack the play strength to play ORT. Casey is an instinctive inside LB with good range and profiles as an outstanding special teams player. Njongmeta was a productive LB at Wisconsin but ran slow and moved poorly at the combine. He'll compete for a practice squad spot this fall. McNamara has an NFL-caliber leg and will be quality camp competition.

Cleveland Browns


Total Picks - 6


2 (54) Michael Hall / IDL / Ohio State

3 (85) Zak Zinter / IOL / Michigan

5 (156) Jamari Thrash / WR / Louisville

6 (206) Nathaniel Watson / LB / Mississippi State

7 (227) Myles Harden / CB / South Dakota

7 (243) Jowon Briggs / IDL / Cincinnati


Aidan Robbins / RB / BYU

Jalen Sundell / OL / North Dakota State

Javion Cohen / IOL / Miami, Fl

Lorenzo Thompson / OL / Rhode Island

Winston Reid / LB / Weber State


Hall is exceptionally quick with an excellent burst. Unfortunately, he only flashes these skills and can be neutalized by size and power. Zinter was trending towards first round consideration when he suffered a season ending injury last November. Zinter plays with natural leverage and strength. He is smart and aware and has prototypical size. Zinter will push for a starting job as a rookie. Thrash, a transfer from Georgia State, has big play potential and he is dangerous with the ball in space. He lacks size and has trouble with physicality during his route but he runs good patterns and has reliable hands. Watson, an old school MLB with instincts and strong hands to shed blocks, lacks great range but is an oustanding blitzer. Football is important to him and he is likely to become a starter within a season or two. Harden has size and length but has faced lesser competition in college and still needs development. Briggs is a tweener who has the versatility to slide up and down the line.

Robbins has battled injuries throughout his career but has flashed the running instincts and hands to contribute at some point during the season. Sundell has plenty of experience in a pro-style system and has the feet and length to be developed as OLT. Cohen surprisingly went undrafted despite his multiple years of starting experience at Alabama and Miami, Fl. He has good size and power and could become a starter eventually. Thompson has great length but he is very raw and will need time on the practice squad.

Pittsburgh Steelers


Total Picks - 7


1 (20) Troy Fautanu / OL / Washington

2 (51) Zach Frazier / IOL / Pittsburgh

3 (84) Roman Wilson / WR / Michigan

3 (98) Payton Wilson / LB / North Carolina State

4 (119) Mason McCormick / IOL / South Dakota State

6 (178) Logan Lee / DL / Iowa

6 (195) Ryan Watts / CB / Texas


Daijun Edwards / RB / Georgia

John Rhys Plumlee / QB / UCF

Jacoby Windmon / EDGE -LB / Michigan State

Beanie Bishop / DB / West Virginia


The Steelers set out to strengthen the offensive line and add depth to the WR room and secondary. Consider that mission accomplished. Fautanu has excelled at OLT but some think he has Pro Bowl-level ability at guard. It appears that the Steelers will allow him to stay on the outside. Frazier, SNS' #1 ranked center, fills a massive need in the Steel City. Frazier is a well-rounded center with Pro Bowl potential. Roman Wilson is a dangerous slot receiver who gives them a quick, underneath option to exploit zones and coverage mismatches. Payton Wilson is a fast, rangy, off-the-ball LB with excellent shedding skills but an injury history that scared many teams off. McCormick is an experienced guard who operated in a pro style system in college and should provide a quality second string option as a rookie with starting potential as soon as next season. Lee can play DT but looks like an outstanding two gap 3-4 DE with strength and quickness to hold the edge. Watts is a large CB with length and strength but has trouble handling quickness in space. He may slide over to safety in the NFL.

Edwards is slightly undersized but quick, fast, and has excellent burst. He has not been used much as a receiver in college but looks like he could be dangerous in a third down role. Plumlee is athletic and dangerous outside the pocket - he has experience at WR & RB - and fits in with Russell Wilson and Justin Fields as a mobile QB. Windmon has missed almost the entirety of the last two years with injuries but prior to that displayed elite ankle flexion and bend and looked like an NFL Edge. Special teams play will be key to him earning a practice squad spot. Bishop has good size and ball skills and should compete for a spot on the 53 man roster this fall.

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