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SNS 2024 NFL Draft - Sixth Round Picks & Observations

177. Minnesota (from Carolina through Jacksonville)

Walter Rouse / OT / Oklahoma

178. Pittsburgh (from Arizona through Carolina)

Logan Lee / DL / Iowa

179. Seattle (from Washington)

Sataoa Laumea / OT / Utah

180. New England

Marcellas Dial / CB / South Carolina

181. LA Chargers

Kimani Vidal / RB / Troy

182. Tennessee (reacquired through Philadelphia)

Jha'Quan Jackson / WR / Tulane

183. NY Giants

Darius Muasau / LB / UCLA

184. Miami (from Chicago)

Malik Washington / WR / Virginia

185. Philadelphia (from NY Jets)

Johnny Wilson / WR / Philadelphia

186. Atlanta (from Arizona through Minnesota)

Jase McClellan / RB / Alabama

187. Atlanta

Casey Washington / WR / Illinois

188. Houston (from Las Vegas through New England / Minnesota)

Jamal Hill / LB / Oregon

189. Detroit (from Houston through Denver / LA Rams / Buffalo)

Mekhi Wingo / IDL / LSU

190. Philadelphia (from New Orleans)

Dylan McMahon / IOL / North Carolina State

191. Arizona (from Indianapolis)

Tejhuan Palmer / WR / UAB

192. Seattle

DJ James / CB / Auburn

193. New England (from Jacksonville)

Joe Milton / QB / Tennessee

194. Cincinnati

Tanner McLachlan / TE / Arizona

195. Pittsburgh

Ryan Watts / CB / Texas

196. LA Rams

Tyler Davis / IDL / Clemson

197. Atlanta (from Cleveland)

Zion Logue / DL / Georgia

198. Miami

Patrick McMorris / S / Clifornia

199. New Orleans (from Philadelphia)

Khristian Boyd / IDL / Northern Iowa

200. Carolina (from Buffalo through Dallas & Houston)

Jaden Crumedy / IDL / Mississippi State

201. Indianapolis (from Detroit through Tampa Bay)

Micah Abraham / CB / Marshall

202. Green Bay

Travis Glover / OT / Georgia State

203. Minnesota (from Denver through Houston and Cleveland)

Will Reichard / K / Alabama

204. Buffalo

Tylan Grable / OT / UCF

205. Houston (from Detroit)

Jawhar Jordan / RB / Louisville

206. Cleveland (from Baltimore)

Nathaniel Watson / LB / Mississippi State

207. Seattle (from Denver through San Francisco)

Michael Jerrell / OT / Findlay

208. Las Vegas (from Kansas City)

Dylan Laube / RB / New Hampshire

209. LA Rams (COMP)

Joshua Karty / K / Stanford

210. Detroit (from Philadelphia; COMP)

Christian Mahogany / IOL / Boston Colleg

211. Kansas City (from San Francisco; COMP)

Kamal Hadden / CB / Tennessee

212. Jacksonville (COMP)

Cam Little / K / Arkansas

213. LA Rams (COMP)

Jordan Whittington / WR / Texas

214. Cincinnati (COMP)

Cedric Johnson / EDGE / Ole Miss

215. San Francisco (COMP)

Jarrett Kingston / IOL / USC

216. Dallas (COMP)

Ryan Flournoy / WR / SE Missouri State

217. LA Rams (COMP)

Beaux Limmer / IOL / Arkansas

218. Baltimore (from NY Jets; COMP)

Devin Leary / QB / Kentucky

219. Buffalo (from Green Bay; COMP)

Daequan Hardy / CB / Penn State

220. Tampa Bay (COMP)

Elijah Klein / IOL / UTEP

SNS 2024 NFL Draft - Sixth Round Observations & Notes

The Lions dominated the sixth round by drafting two great players, both ranked in SNS' Top 64 players. Mekhi Wingo (LSU), SNS' #15 ranked player, has the best closing burst of any inside pass rusher in the 2024 NFL Draft. He has good length and plays with good leverage. Christian Mahogany, SNS' #54 player and #7 IOL prospect, was an absolute steal at #210. He's a two-time All American who is stout against the pass and a force in the run game. Great work by GM Brad Holmes.

The second wave of quality IDL was on display in Detroit in the sixth round on Saturday afternoon. Besides Wingo, five DTs or 5Ts were selected in the sixth round. Logan Lee (Iowa) can play either 4-3 or 3-4 DE with size, length, intelligence, and a non-stop motor that defensive line coaches will love. Tyler Davis (Clemson) is a better run than pass defender but has started for four years in college and will contribute as a rookie. Zion Logue (Georgia) is like a stone wall who contains and halts the outside run. He can play over the nose or as a two gap DT. Khristian Boyd (Northern Iowa) is a quick twitch DT who wins at the snap and plays with outstanding leverage. Jaden Crumedy (Mississippi State) is a well-rounded DT who plays the run and the pass equally well. He flashes moments of dominance.

Specialists made a serious appearance in the sixth round on Saturday. Three kickers were selected and all three should have good chances of winning starting jobs this fall. Minnesota selected the best kicker in this draft, Will Reichard (Alabama), has the NCAA record for career FGs and is reliable and accurate from 55 yards in, and even from longer inside a dome stadium (like Minnesota). The Rams picked Joshua Karty (Stanford), who has a similar kicking profile to Reichard without the track record. The Jags selected Cam Little (Arkansas), a junior who declared early (a rarity for a kicker) and has an extremely strong leg but lacks big game experience.

The NFL Draft may be over but at SNS, we are just getting started! Over the next couple of weeks, SNS will do a deep and thorough review and analysis of the entire NFL Draft, including an assessment of all 32 NFL teams' drafts and UDFA acquisitions, and keep track of the hundreds of prospects who could make NFL rosters as free agents.

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