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SNS 2024 Combine Review - QB, RB, & WR

(Xavier Worthy / WR / Texas)

The 2024 NFL Draft will become memorable because of the quality and depth of the QB and WR classes and that was on full display in Indianapolis on Saturday. SNS takes a deep dive into the performances completed on the field on Saturday and assess who improved their standing…and those who still have more work to do.



Top of the Class

Several of the top QB prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft did not work out (Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels) but several other potential first round QBs worked out. Let’s take a look at how they fared.


JJ McCarthy / Michigan

6024 / 219 / 9” Hands

Did not conduct any timed or measured drills (40-yard dash, vertical jump, broad jump, etc.)

Of all the top QBs available for April’s draft, no QB has as much experience in operating a pro style system as McCarthy. Likewise, McCarthy has never had to carry his team as Michigan fielded a great defense and running game and McCarthy was tasked with being more of a game manager for Michigan’s offense. So, Saturday’s on field work was especially crucial to the Michigan junior QB. McCarthy displayed very good mechanics, demonstrated a live arm, and threw with timing and touch. McCarthy has locked himself into the first round and could go in the top half of round one in April.


Michael Penix / Washington

6022 / 216 / 10.4” Hands

Did not conduct any timed or measured drills (40-yard dash, vertical jump, broad jump, etc.)

Perhaps no QB threw better on Saturday afternoon than the Washington Husky QB. His passes were accurate, he displayed nice touch, and had enough arm strength to make every throw scripted by the NFL. Most importantly, Penix’s medical evaluation went well as he passed his exam with no red flags identified. Considering his constant injury history at Indiana, that is a notable development for Penix, who remains on the cusp of first round draft consideration after his performance on the field in Indianapolis.


Bo Nix / Oregon

6021 / 214 / 10.1” Hands

Did not conduct any timed or measured drills (40-yard dash, vertical jump, broad jump, etc.)

Nix is the most experienced college QB in NCAA history (61 career starts), having started multiple seasons at Auburn and Oregon and overcoming a crushing experience as a Tiger to become an All-American as a Duck. Some questioned his arm strength due to the dink and dunk nature of the passing offense in Oregon but he answered those concerns by displaying a strong arm during field drills while exhibiting a quick release and accuracy to all levels of the field. Nix has a strong chance of sneaking into the first round in Detroit in April.



There are several quality mid-round prospects who could either be developed into starters or high caliber back-ups. These QBs are not sure things but all have NFL skills and attributes that could be developed by NFL teams.


Sam Hartman / Notre Dame

601 / 211 / 9.6” Hands

4.8 40

Hartman, like Nix, is a highly experienced QB who has had success at Wake Forest and Notre Dame. Hartman has a good arm, is accurate when his footwork is clean, and does a good job of reading the field. He is also a decent athlete and a leader who inspires teammates. Hartman doesn’t have any stand out characteristics but also has no serious weaknesses to his game. Expect Hartman to be drafted early on day three in Detroit.


Joe Milton / Tennessee

6050 / 235 / 10.2” Hands

Did not conduct any timed or measured drills (40-yard dash, vertical jump, broad jump, etc.)

Milton possesses a cannon for an arm and it was on display Saturday afternoon in Indianapolis. Milton unleashed a few bombs and has the arm strength to challenge Josh Allen for the best arm in the NFL. But he doesn’t throw with a lot of touch and does not typically throw his receivers open. These same issues were on display on Saturday. The Tennessee Volunteer is a terrific athlete in the mold of Anthony Richardson (Colts) but he is a project that will take patience to develop. He should go off the board somewhere between the third and fifth rounds in April.


Spencer Rattler / South Carolina

6002 / 211 / 9.7” Hands

4.95 40

Rattler went from a Heisman contender at Oklahoma to quarterbacking an undermanned and overwhelmed Gamecock team in Columbia and actually improved his NFL profile along the way. Rattler displayed moxie, toughness, and leadership at South Carolina that was often lacking in Norman, Oklahoma. Rattler threw well and looks to have possible starting potential down the line. Team interviews will be instrumental in determining his draft positioning but Rattler should be off the board by the mid-fifth round in April.



In the pre-combine edition of the SNS Top 100 2024 NFL Draft Prospects, 16 WRs made the rankings and several of them made great impressions on Saturday.


Top of the Class

Marvin Harrison and Malik Nabers did not work out on Saturday – and nobody noticed because of the incredible level of talent on the field during the two WR sessions on Saturday afternoon. Eight WRs ran a time of under 4.4, including a new combine record time (more on that later). Then these WRs took the field and they showed their stuff. This class looks to be special.


Rome Odunze / Washington

6027 / 212 / 32.2” Arms / 76.6” Wingspan

4.45 40 / 39” vertical / 10’4” broad jump

After his performance on Saturday, Odunze wrapped up a successful senior season by checking all of the proverbial boxes on the Indianapolis field by displaying speed, fluidity, hands, and athleticism during on field drills. This follows up a great senior season in which Odunze looked like a true #1 WR. The Washington Husky should be a Top 10 pick next month.


Adonai Mitchell / Texas

6022 / 205 / 32.3” Arms / 77.5” Wingspan

4.34 40 / 39.5” vertical / 11’4” broad jump

Mitchell will fly up draft boards after his performance on Saturday after setting the standard for WRs in the vertical and broad jumps and running like a bolt of lightning. The Longhorn is a powerful player who gains YAC through strength but displayed speed, agility, and burst that makes him look like a future star in fantasy football. Mitchell did suffer some unfortunate dropped passes but otherwise made himself a lot of money on Saturday. He should go off the board in the first round in Detroit next month.


Brian Thomas / LSU

6027 / 209 / 32.6” Arms / 79.5” Wingspan

4.33 40 / 38.5” vertical / 10’6” broad jump

With all of the attention being paid to his more well-known teammate, Nabers, Thomas looks like the second coming of AJ Brown with a huge, powerful frame and untapped athletic potential. His 40 time is absolutely absurd for his size and he is likely to be only getting better. Thomas should be drafted in the first round next month.


Battle for Slot Supremacy

For those of us who play fantasy football, the rise in the importance of slot WRs has become an important component in assembling a team. More importantly, slot receivers can cause a lot of stress to defenses that have to defend two-way go’s at the LOS and handle quickness in space. The slot receivers in this draft look to be special and how they get sorted out on draft day is fascinating to watch.


Ladd McConkey / Georgia

5115 / 186 / 30.1” Arms / 72” Wingspan

4.39 40 / 36” vertical / 10’4” broad jump

McConkey may be the best route runner in this draft. He has reliable hands and excels over the middle of the field. On Saturday, he displayed the quickness, speed, and athletic ability to sneak into the first round in April.


Roman Wilson / Michigan

5106 / 185 / 30.3” Arms / 72.4” Wingspan

4.39 40

Wilson is exceedingly quick and uncovers easily against man coverage. On Saturday, he showed his speed in the 40 and moved smoothly on the field. The Wolverine did not jump (vertical or broad), which is a curious choice. Wilson looks like he is locked in as a second round pick next month.


Xavier Worthy / Texas

5112 / 165 / 31.1” Arms / 74.2” Wingspan

4.21 40 / 41” vertical / 10’11” broad jump

We have a new champion! The Longhorn ran the fastest 40 time in combine history (4.21), jumped out of the roof, and displayed his world class speed and athleticism. He did not work out and his thin frame will always be a concern but you cannot teach speed. Worthy looks like a Top 75 pick in April.


Jacob Cowing / Arizona

5083 / 168 / 29.2” Arms / 69.1” Wingspan

4.38 40 / 36” vertical / 9’11” Wingspan

For being a diminutive sized WR, the Wildcat is very durable, never missing a game and making a catch in all 57 career games. A major reason why is his elusiveness and speed, both of which were on display on Saturday afternoon. Cowing should be drafted in the Top 80 picks or so next month.



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

There are no Bijan Robinsons or Jahmyr Gibbs in the 2024 NFL Draft. But there is plenty of talent, especially from a fantasy football perspective. There are power backs, speed backs, receiving backs, and well-rounded, versatile RBs. Much like slot receiver, how this shakes out should be fun to watch.


Ray Davis / Kentucky

5083 / 211

4.52 40 / 1.56 10-yard split / 35” vertical / 9’11” broad jump

Davis had a solid, well-rounded day on Saturday afternoon. He has an ideal combination of frame, attitude, leg drive, agility, and burst to become a #1 RB down the road. Considering the value the NFL places on the RB position, Davis is unlikely to be drafted before the fourth round. But he’s a complete RB who will play in the NFL.


Trey Benson / Florida State

6002 / 216

4.39 40 / 33.5” vertical / 10’2” broad jump

No RB had a better day on Saturday than Benson. Benson’s athletic numbers were superb. The former uber-recruit displayed great speed and burst, agility, and hands to become a potential rotational piece on an NFL team.


Audric Estime / Notre Dame

5113 / 221

4.71 40 / 38” vertical / 10’5” broad jump

Estime is a beast who chews through tackle attempts in a manner not seen Marshawn Lynch. His leg drive is great but his 40 time was the worst amongst the RBs in Indianapolis. During drills, he moved well and looked athletic. His game is built on power, not speed. But if he doesn’t improve his 40 at Notre Dame pro day, he’ll free fall down the draft.


Isaac Guerendo / Louisville

6000 / 221

4.33 40 / 41.5” vertical / 10’9” broad jump

Men this big should not be able to run as fast as Guerendo did on Saturday afternoon. He was fast, smooth, and sudden. The Cardinal RB is a very good route runner and has soft hands. He also has relatively little wear and tear. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing this year’s Isiah Pacheco, Mr. Guerendo.


MarShawn Lloyd

5086 / 220

4.46 40 / 36” vertical / 9’10” broad jump

Every team in the NFL will have their RB board stacked differently, but one player who will be high on virtually every team’s draft board will be the former Trojan. Lloyd has the best burst through the hole of any RB in this draft and his agility can stun a LB like a deer in headlights. Lloyd helped his stock on Saturday. He should be drafted in the first 60 picks in April.

(Rome Odunze / WR / Washington)

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