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2024 NFL Draft Preview – An Entirely Far Too Early Look at Some Top College Players

Caleb Williams, Jr., QB, USC – Transfer from Oklahoma. Good size. Extremely athletic – both quick and fast. An explosive difference maker with the ball in his hands in space. Displays vision, burst, and lateral agility in space. Superb arm strength – can make every NFL throw with ease. Throws with accuracy / timing / touch, even on the move. Throws extremely well on the move, either to the right or left. Solid arm mechanics with little wasted motion. Release speed is good. Will force some passes because he can complete some throws that most other QBs cannot. Special talent with elite athleticism and great arm talent. Seems destined to be the #1 pick in 2024.

Spencer Rattler, Sr., QB, South Carolina – Transfer from Oklahoma. Good height and overall size. Excellent arm strength – can make every throw. Decent mobility but not a true running threat – keeps eyes downfield looking for receivers. Quick, clean release. Set up and delivery are text book. Very good accuracy and touch on passes to all levels of the field. Trusts his arm – perhaps too much – and will throw into coverage. A bit of a riverboat gambler but displays leadership and moxie. Benched while at Oklahoma but has seemed to regain his confidence in 2022 in Columbia. First round talent.

Blake Corum, Sr., RB, Michigan – Short in stature but not slight in build – packs a ton of muscle on low center of gravity. Runs with rare ankle flexion and has loose hips which gives him elite cutting ability. Outstanding burst and excellent vision. Powerful thighs allow him to push the pile for an elite level for a smaller RB. Nice straight arm. Excellent ball security. Plenty of long speed and is a threat in space. Season-ending knee injury suffered against Illinois.

Will Shipley, Jr., RB, Clemson – Good size with a solid, muscular build. Displays excellent vision, outstanding balance and leg drive, and superb burst. Good lateral agility and can cut effectively. Good run instincts. Shows natural hands and is a fluid route runner.

Marvin Harrison, Jr., WR, Ohio State – Son of Hall of Famer of the same name, Harrison was a 5-star recruit. Athletic. Excellent height with a large catch radius. Great body control. Excellent concentration and leaping ability. Accelerates smoothly and gains separation with quickness and technique. Although relatively inexperienced, has advanced route running skills – uses arm extension well to create separation. Excellent hands. Dangerous with the ball in his hands – displays explosive burst. Combines his father’s soft hands and skills in space with rare size and athleticism. A potential generational talent at WR.

Xavier Worthy, Jr., WR, Texas – Good height but possesses a thin frame. Explosive speed – a true home run threat. Great body control. Inconsistent hands and drops too many easy passes. Can make the acrobatic catch look pedestrian – and then drop a sure TD. Special talent and ability.

Brock Bowers, Jr., TE, Georgia – Rare combination of size, speed, agility, and athleticism. Used as a mismatch piece in space – too fast and athletic for LBs and too big and strong for safeties. Unusually quick for a man of his size. Excellent hands. Excels with the ball in space – a true YAC monster. Displays excellent hand-eye coordination and concentration. Rare talent with huge upside.

Oronde Gadsden, Jr., TE, Syracuse – Son of the former NFL WR of the same name. Good size with ideal height, a defined, athletic build, and grape vines for arms but lacks desired girth for in-line blocking. Tough and willing to work the middle of the field. Typically gains minimal separation but uses his physicality to win the route and at the catch point. Route running needs refinement. Good hands. Limited long speed but will run over defensive backs. Still developing as an in-line blocker, mostly due to lack of experience as he is typically used as a route runner.

Xavier Truss, Sr., G, Georgia – Good size with good length and a solid build. Explodes out of his stance. Plays with excellent knee bend and a wide base. Strong and handles the bull rush well. Can pull and block out to the second level.

Nazir Stackhouse, Sr., DT, Georgia – Huge man – tall, long, and with solid mass throughout his frame. Quick twitch player who often wins at the snap. Knows how to get himself skinny and get through holes in the line. Strong and active – a load to handle one on one. Great length and size combined with rare athleticism for such a large human being.

Tyler Davis, Sr., DT, Clemson – Very good size with a sturdy frame and solid musculature. Very experienced and knows how to get skinny and explode through gaps. Strong and is able to play 0-technique as well as 3-technique. Plays with a solid base and is tough to handle inside. Good arm extension and dip move to create separation.

Ruke Orhorhoro, Sr., DT, Clemson – Good size with solid overall length. Very quick at the snap and can win with quickness. Extremely active and plays hard with a non-stop motor. Relatively inexperienced due to playing in a deep and extremely talented rotation.

Jacoby Windmon, Sr., LB / Edge, Michigan State – Transfer from UNLV. Good size – long reach. Natural athlete with tremendous ankle flexion and ability to dip extremely low and avoid blocks. Explosive closing burst. Nice variety of techniques to shed lineman’s mitts but needs to expand arsenal of moves. Can be neutralized by size and power – more effective when allowed to utilize his athleticism. Solid tackler. Four sacks vs Western Michigan and looked nearly unblockable at times but at other times is nearly invisible on the field. Athletic enough to drop into coverage and pick up zone responsibilities. Instincts are still developing and can be fooled by play action while in coverage. Indefinitely suspended for role in an altercation after loss at Michigan. Reinstated for the 2023 season.

Cedric Gray, Sr., LB, North Carolina – Good size with an athletic build. Possesses quick hips and light feet – can really fly. Extremely quick and fast. Excellent range. Proficient dropping into slot and picking up WRs. Built for today’s NFL. Reliable, fundamentally solid tackler. Sometimes misreads keys, most likely due to impatience and a hair on fire playing style – very aggressive. Instincts need some development. Playmaker who creates mayhem with his playing style.

Joshua Scott, Jr., CB, Eastern Michigan – Good size. Long arms and a solid build. Displays excellent quick reaction skills and plays the ball in the air like a WR. Very good body control and ability to react to the off-target pass. Loose hips, quick feet, and the ability to stay in-phase throughout the pass route.

Ja’Had Carter, So., S, Ohio State – Transfer from Syracuse. Good size. Displays playmaking ability with an INT and a fumble return for a TD against Clemson in 2022. Good range and shows good speed. Solid instincts and seems to be near the ball a lot of the time.

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