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2023 NFL Scouting Combine Positional Analysis - Safeties

(Jartavius Martin / S / Illinois)

2023 NFL Scouting Combine Positional Analysis


High Risers

Jartavius Martin / Illinois

5110 / 194 / 31.1” arms

Martin fits the mold of the new breed of NFL safety – athletic and rangy enough to play safety up high and quick enough to handle man coverage duties in the slot. His athleticism was on full display in in Indianapolis when he churned out a 4.46 40-yard dash, an amazing 44” vertical jump and a 11’1” broad jump. Those are elite numbers…for a CB! And during field drills he moved easily and gracefully and made some outstanding catches during drills. Martin will probably be selected early on day 2 in April.

Ji'Ayir Brown / Penn State

5110 / 203 / 31.2” arms

From a workout perspective, Brown underwhelmed in Indianapolis with an average 40-yard dash (4.65), a 9’ 11” broad jump, and a 32.5” vertical jump. Average numbers across the board. But as soon as the football showed up (i.e., field drills), Brown transformed to the dominate force he was the last two years in Happy Valley. He moved fluidly and played the ball in the air like a WR. In fact, during the gauntlet drill, Brown recorded a 19.2 MPH GPS and his game speed was evident during the field drills. Brown is a football player and there is no real need to judge him by his numbers. He’s a stud who should get drafted on day 2 in April.

Jason Taylor II / Oklahoma State

6000 / 204 / 32” arms

Perhaps no safety in the 2023 class has improved his draft standing more than Taylor. He lit up the NFLPA Bowl game with athleticism, range, and tackling ability and confirmed that the performance was not a mirage with a great workout in Indianapolis. Taylor ran a 4.50 40-yard dash, recorded a 43” vertical jump and a 10’9” broad jump. Taylor looked fast and fluid moving around the field and he tracked the ball in the air well. Taylor should be drafted on day 2 in Kansas City in April.

Disappointing Performance

Brandon Joseph / Notre Dame

6000 / 202 / 30.7” arms

Joseph is a quality, proven safety both at Notre Dame and at Northwestern but he did not perform as well as several other safeties in his class did in Indianapolis. Joseph’s length was underwhelming and the numbers he posted are average - 4.62 40-yard dash, a 30.5” vertical jump, and a 9’ 10” broad jump. Perhaps, he is not fully recovered from the injuries that derailed his senior year in South Bend. Joseph is a good football player but his draft value may take a hit next month in Kansas City.

What? Guess I Need to Watch More Film…

Chamarri Conner / Virginia Tech

6000 / 202 / 31.3” arms

The Hokie safety was highly impressive in Indianapolis with better movement skills exhibited than anticipated and seemed comfortable enough to play deep safety in the NFL. Conner recorded a 4.51 40-yard dash, a 40.5” vertical jump, and a 10.5” broad jump. More film needs to be studied because that level of athleticism displayed in Indianapolis did not match his game film from his time in Blacksburg.

(Chamarri Conner / S / Virginia Tech)


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