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2023 NFL Scouting Combine OL Positional Analysis

(Paris Johnson / OT / Ohio State)

2023 NFL Scouting Combine Positional Analysis

Offensive Line

High Risers

Paris Johnson / OT / Ohio State

6063 / 313 / 36.1” arms / 85.1” wingspan

The Buckeye had a superb performance at the combine with the length, size, and wingspan desired on the outside. And he moved during on-field drills with fluidity, body control, and balance. Although he only performed in a handful of measured drills – recorded a 9’ 2” broad jump and pumped out an impressive 29 reps of 225 pounds – especially impressive considering his 3 foot long arms! Johnson has closed the gap with Northwestern’s Peter Skoronski to be the first OL selected in April. Johnson should be selected in the top 10 on April 27.

Broderick Jones / OT / Georgia

6053 / 311 / 10.5” hands / 34.6” arms / 82.6” wingspan

Broderick Jones tore up the combine with a fantastic performance on timed / measured drills and during field exercises at Lucas Oil Stadium. His measurements check all of the boxes and he recorded a combine OL best 4.97 40 with an impressive 1.74 10-yard split, a 30” vertical and a 9’ broad jump. During field exercises, Jones displayed excellent base and balance. Very good knee bend. Very good mover in space with agility and fluidity. Displays some torque and has natural power. The knock on Jones is his relative lack of experience but his upside is as high as any OL in this draft. Expect Jones to go in the top 20 in April.

Braeden Daniels / OT - OG / Utah

6040 / 294 / 33” arms

There seems to a little bit of debate but about what position is best-suited for plugging into for the next five years, OLT or OG. Regardless, Daniels has NFL-caliber skills and those skills were on display at the combine. Daniels recorded a 4.99 40, with an impressive 1.71 10-yard split, a 30.5” vertical jump, and a 9’ 1” broad jump. He exhibited great movement skills, plays with outstanding knee bend, and displayed a nice kick slide. SNS believes Daniels is a future starter – position TBD. Expect him to be drafted in round 2 or 3 next month.

Disappointing Performance

O’Cyrus Torrence / OG / Florida

6050 / 330 / 11.1” hands / 33.7” arms

Torrence’s athletic gifts are not readily featured in a non-contact environment like the combine. What Torrence offers is size, power, and tenacity. He plays with a wide base, explosive hands, and a good burst off the snap. His numbers at the combine do not reflect what he brings to the table as an interior force. He recorded a respectable 5.31 40, with a marginal time of a 1.84 10-yard split, and subpar vertical (23.5”) and broad jumps (8’ 5”). He also benched 225 pounds 23 times. As a scout, I trust my eyes. Torrence will excel in power running schemes and he has rare measureables to work with. Torrence should get drafted late in round 1 in April.

Peter Skoronski / OT – OG / Northwestern

6040 / 313 / 32.2” arms

Let me be perfectly clear here, Skoronski had an extremely good combine performance recording a solid 5.16 40, with a respectable 1.75 10-yard split, a 9’7” broad jump, and a 34.5” vertical. He also displayed excellent base and bend with light feet and loose hips. In other words, he showed in Indianapolis what he showed for the last three seasons in Evanston. So, why is he on this list? Something he cannot control – his arm length of 32 and ¼”, The NFL ideal is 34” or longer for OT. Several teams are likely looking to slide Skoronski inside to OG because of his arm length. And that fact is likely to cause Skoronski to drop in the draft. But Skoronski did nothing to dispel the notion that he is the most advanced blocker in this draft. The Wildcat should be drafted before the end of round 1.

What? Guess I Need to Watch More Film…

Blake Freeland / OT / BYU

6080 / 302 / 33.7” arms

Freeland is an established multi-year starter for the Cougars and is a well-known prospect with plenty of film available. But his athletic performance at the combine requires further analysis of that film because of how he blew away the combine - 37” vertical (new combine record for an OL), 4.98 40 with a 1.68 10-yard split (best time by any OL), and a 10’ broad jump. During field exercises, Freeland proved to be a smooth athlete with extremely light feet. Athletically, he’s a near prototype for OLT. However, he did not bench press, which is sort of unusual for a lineman to skip. And when you consider the difficulties he displayed at times handling size and power while in Provo, and any excitement needs to be tempered. But the raw talent is there to be shaped into a long-term NFL starter at OLT. Expect Freeland to be drafted on day 2 in April.

Anton Harrison / OT / Oklahoma

6040 / 315 / 34.1” arms

Speaking of a prospect that meets physical prototypes for the OLT position, Harrison is a very good athlete with inconsistent film who came to Indianapolis with an opportunity to answer some questions. Harrison has the desired size, length, and girth to line up anywhere on the OL. His combine performance was illustrative of how good of an athlete he is – recorded a 4.98 40 with a 1.77 10-yard split, 28.5” vertical, and an 8’ 9” broad jump. Natural athlete with a wide gait and excellent balance. Smooth and fluid with enough traits and upside worth developing. The Sooner should be drafted on day 3 in Kansas City.


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