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SNS 2024 NFL Scouting Combine Day 2 Winners & Losers (TE / CB / S)

(Max Melton / CB / Rutgers)

TE Winners

Tip Reiman / Illinois

6047 / 271 / 10.4” Hands / 32.7” Arms / 79.4” Wingspan

4.64 40 / 1.55 10-yard split / 33.5” vertical / 10’1” broad jump

The largest TE at the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine is the Illinois TE. Reiman may be the best blocking TE available in April but has not been considered much of a receiving threat. But his performance on Friday will necessitate additional film study. Reiman moved well and is a sneaky good athlete with very good leaping ability. Reiman should go off the board in round six or seven in April.


Ben Sinnott / Kansas State

6037 / 250 / 32.3” Arms / 77.4” Wingspan

4.68 40 / 1.59 10-yard split / 40” vertical / 10’6” broad jump

Sinnott, a former walk-on, is an extremely hard worker and technician who made himself an NFL prospect over the last several seasons in college. But no one was expecting the athletic performance put on by the Kansan in Indianapolis Friday night. Sinnott led all TEs in vertical and broad jumps, ran a solid 40 time, and moved smoothly during on field drills. Sinnott looks like a fifth or sixth round pick and a long term #2 TE in the NFL.


Theo Johnson / Penn State

6061 / 259 / 10.2” Hands / 33” Arms / 80.6” Wingspan

4.58 40 / 1.55 10-yard split / 32.5” vertical / 10’5” broad jump

Johnson looks exactly like a TE should and has a well-rounded game. Perhaps no TE has improved his standing as much as the Nittany Lion TE has during this off season. On Friday, Johnson’s performance during drills and numbers put up at the scale and on the track have placed him as a valuable mid-round option with the potential to be developed as a team’s starting TE in a year or two. Expect Johnson to be drafted as early as the third round in April.


TE Losers

Ja’Tavion Sanders / Texas

6037 / 245 / 10.1” Hands / 32.7” Arms / 78.2” Wingspan

4.69 40 / 1.59 10-yard split

To be perfectly clear, Sanders looked smooth and athletic during on field drills but he did not jump (vertical and broad) and although his 40 time was acceptable, it was only average and does not seem to reflect his playing speed displayed on Saturdays. Sanders remains the second best TE prospect in this draft and should be off the board in the first 50 picks or so.


Brevyn Spann-Ford / Minnesota

6064 / 260 / 10.2” Hands / 33.3” Arms / 80” Wingspan

4.76 40 / 1.67 10-yard split / 31.5” vertical / 9’8” broad jump

The Golden Gopher TE is huge and very well-coordinated and has the best combination of size and athleticism in this class. He just does not seem as athletic as several other TEs on the field on Friday. He doesn’t move as well laterally as Johnson, Bowers, or Sanders and although he is a good in-line blocker, he is high cut and often loses the leverage battle at the POA. Spann-Ford looks like a mid-round draft pick next month in Detroit.


CB Winners

Terrion Arnold / Alabama

5116 / 189 / 31.5” Arms / 76.2” Wingspan

4.5 40 / 37” vertical / 10’5” broad jump

Arnold will rise up draft boards after his performance on Friday. He ran well, looked explosive and smooth, and looks like a possible #1 NFL CB. Arnold has enough size and length to match up with NFL size on the outside and has the ball and reaction skills to make plays down field. Arnold is a first round pick next month.


Quinyon Mitchell / Toledo

6001 / 195 / 31” Arms / 75.6” Wingspan

4.33 40 / 38” vertical / 10’0” broad jump

Mitchell started his ascension up draft boards at the Senior Bowl and his performance on Friday will only accelerate his climb. The Toledo Rocket is a special athlete with tremendous burst, ball skills, mirroring skills, and leaping ability. Not only did he run fast but he looked smooth and agile. His arm length is less than desired. But that is the only ding on his otherwise great resume. Mitchell should be gone by mid first round in April.


Max Melton / Rutgers

5111 / 187 / 32.1” Arms / 76.5” Wingspan

4.39 40 / 40.5” vertical / 11’4” broad jump

It seems that every year there is one Rutgers player who excels at the combine and becomes a hot commodity entering the NFL. Melton, whose brother Bo is a WR with Green Bay, looked fluid with light feet and loose hips. He has a good combination of length and athleticism and should quickly climb up draft boards. Expect Melton to be a Top 40 pick in April’s draft.



CB Losers

Kalen King / Penn State

5112 / 191 / 30.7” Arms / 74.2” Wingspan

4.61 40 / 37” vertical / 10’2” broad jump

King was a solid Big Ten CB who may lack the athleticism, agility, and speed to play CB. Unfortunately, not only did he run slow but he also looked stiff and tight in the hips. King will need to dramatically improve at his pro day or risk going undrafted.


Isaiah Johnson / Syracuse

6030 / 205 / 32.7” Arms / 80.4” Wingspan

4.64 40 / 38.5” vertical / 10’9” broad jump

Johnson looks the part with ideal size and length and outstanding leaping ability to win at the catch point. But he looked stiff and had trouble transitioning out of his backpedal – making man coverage against quickness especially challenging for him. You cannot teach size – or leaping ability – and if CB doesn’t work out for him, he could make an ideal free safety in some systems. Johnson should be drafted early on day 3 in Detroit.



Safety Winners

Calen Bullock / USC

6020 / 188 / 32.4” Arms / 78.1” Wingspan

4.48 40

Bullock has tremendous length with a huge wingspan. It was surprising that he didn’t display his leaping ability because he is a tremendous athlete with springs for legs. Bullock looks like an old-fashioned free safety with the range to cover the entire back end in Cover 1 coverage. Bullock could be the first safety off the board and should be a Top 50 pick next month.


Dadrion Taylor-Demerson / Texas Tech

5103 / 197 / 30.7” Arms / 74.2” Wingspan

4.41 40 / 38” vertical / 10’2” broad jump

DTD may not be a safety when all is said and done but he will definitely get drafted next month in Detroit. The Texas Tech Red Raider is a tremendous athlete with loose hips and great agility. He seems destined to be a slot (nickel) CB in the NFL. Expect him to get drafted as early as the third round in April.


Jaylon Carlies / Missouri

6026 / 227 / 34.2” Arms / 80.5” Wingspan

4.5 40 / 32.5” vertical / 10’5” broad jump

If you were to create a safety in Madden 24, he’d probably look a lot like Carlies. His measurements are prototypical and his speed and athleticism are ideal. SNS needs to go back and look at Carlies’ tape. His performance on Friday was special and he looks to be drafted. How high is still to be determined. Regardless, an eye-opening exhibition was put on display on Thursday.


Cole Bishop / Utah

6020 / 206 / 29.6” Arms / 75” Wingspan

4.45 40 / 39” vertical / 10’4” broad jump

Bishop checked a lot of boxes on Friday by giving an athletic performance that was consistent with his performances on Saturdays in the PAC 12. Bishop has light feet, great foot speed, and very good instincts. He looks like an ideal free safety who should excel in Cover 1 and Cover 2 coverages in the NFL. Bishop should go off the board in the first 100 picks of April’s draft.


Safety Losers

Kamren Kinchens / Miami, Fl

5112 / 203 / 31.2” Arms / 75” Wingspan

4.65 40 / 35” vertical / 9’2” broad jump

Kinchens entered Friday as one of the highest rated safeties available in April and his ball skills may be the best of any DB in this draft. But he struggled with fluidity and may lack some desired speed and range for deep coverage responsibilities. Kinchens needs to run better at his pro day or risk falling down draft boards next month.


James Williams / Miami, Fl

6042 / 231 / 33.5” Arms / 80.2” Wingspan

4.65 40 / 30” vertical / 9’9” broad jump

To be fair, Williams is in the process of making a position change to LB, a difficult task to accomplish at the NFL level. But Williams did not help his cause with his lackluster athletic numbers, especially his subpar vertical and broad jump numbers. Williams moved well and looks like a natural WLB in the NFL. It looks like the upcoming Miami Pro Day (April 7th) will be must see!

(Jaylon Carlies / S / Missouri)



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