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SNS 2024 NFL Draft Team Analysis - AFC EAST

Updated: May 1

Buffalo Bills


Total Picks - 10


2 (33) Keon Coleman / WR / Florida State

2 (60) Cole Bishop / S / Utah

3 (95) DeWayne Carter / IDL / Duke

4 (128) Ray Davis / RB / Kentucky

5 (141) Sedrick Van Pran-Granger / IOL / Georgia

5 (160) Edefuan Ulofoshio / LB / Washington

5 (168) Javon Solomon / EDGE / Troy

6 (204) Tylan Grable / OT / UCF

6 (219) Daequan Hardy / CB / Penn State

7 (221) Travis Clayton / OL / Great Britain (IPP)


Frank Gore / RB / Southern Mississippi

Xavier Johnson / WR / Ohio State

Gunnar Britton / OT / Auburn

Mike Edwards / OL / Campbell

Keaton Bills / IOL / Buffalo

David Ugwoegbu / EDGE / Houston

Keni-H Lovely / CB / Western Michigan


Ultimately, the Bills draft class will be judged more on a single transaction than based on what their actual rookie class achieves on the field. The Bills traded back twice, right out of the first round, and selected FSU WR Keon Coleman with the first pick of the second round. But they traded away pick #28 to Kansas City (the same team that used a trade with Buffalo to select Patrick Mahomes!) even though both teams needed a WR. The Chiefs selected Xavier Worthy (Texas), who ran a 4.21 40 at the combine in March, and the fans and media in upstate NY did not react well. But by trading back, the Bills were able to acquire additional draft capital and draft Coleman at the top of round two. Coleman, unlike Worthy, offers size and leaping ability. He gives the Bills a big outside WR that they needed desperately.

Bishop addresses a huge need for a free safety with range, tackling ability, and ball skills. Carter has a great combination of size and burst and gives the Bills a future starter. Davis is a RB who rushed for 1000 yards three times at three different schools and will push Damien Harris for the #2 job behind James Cook this fall. Van Pran-Granger could be the starting center when the season kicks off in September. Solomon has natural pass rushing skill and should contribute this season. Grable has a huge wingspan and enough athletic ability worth developing.

Signing Frank Gore in free agency was interesting. The Bills have a loaded RB room with Cook, Harris, Davis, and Gore. Gore will push for a roster spot in the fall and may make Damien Harris expendable with a quality NFL camp. Johnson has fantastic speed. He never cracked the starting lineup at Ohio State but his size and speed fills a need on Buffalo's roster. Bills is a physical, tough, and strong OG with limited mobility. He should push for a roster spot this fall.

Miami Dolphins

DRAFT / UDFA GRADE:  4.5 Stars

Total Picks - 7


1 (21) Chop Robinson / EDGE / Penn State

2 (55) Patrick Paul / OT / Houston

4 (120)  Jaylen Wright / RB / Tennessee

5 (158) Mohamed Kamara / EDGE / Colorado State

6 (184) Malik Washington / WR / Virginia

6 (198) Patrick McMorris / S / California

7 (241) Tahj Washington / WR / USC


Gavin Hardison / QB / UTEP

Je'Quan Burton / WR / FAU

Matthew Jones / IOL / Ohio State

Grayson Murphy / EDGE / UCLA

Storm Duck / CB / Louisville

Isaiah Johnson / DB / Syracuse

Mark Perry / S / TCU


The Dolphins were cruising away with the AFC East last season until injuries suffered by Bradley Chubb and Jaelen Phillips derailed Miami's ability to pressure the QB. By drafting Robinson and Kamara, the Dolphins stocked up on Edge Rushers to ensure that they don't end up shorthanded again. Paul has an enormous reach and looks like a future starter at ORT. Wright, SNS' #2 RB prospect, gives Miami a three down RB to provide a backup to Raheem Mostert (De'Von Achane is more of a weapon that is employed as a RB). The Dolphins cornered the market on slot receivers named Washington. Malik led the nation in receptions and he uncovers easily against any coverage type. Tahj is very similar type of player who excels after the catch.

Hardison is an experienced QB who will try to earn a practice squad spot this fall. Burton excelled at FAU and has the speed the Dolphins like in their WRs. Jones is a highly experienced and reliable Big Ten OG. He should push for a roster spot this fall. Murphy has plenty of starting experience at North Texas and UCLA and should secure a practice squad spot this year. Johnson was a college CB with size and reach but lacks some agility and may shift to safety. Perry is an experienced and smart safety who can cover a deep zone or crash down and support against the run.

NY Jets


Total Picks - 7


1 (11) Olu Fashanu / OT / Penn State

3 (65) Malachi Corley / WR / Western Kentucky

4 (134) Braelon Allen / RB / Wisconsin

5 (171) Jordan Travis / QB / Florida State

5 (173) Isaiah Davis / RB / South Dakota State

5 (176) Qwan'tez Stiggers / CB / Toronto (CFL)

7 (257) Jaylen Key / S / Alabama


Darren Grainger / QB / Georgia State

Brady Latham / OL / Arkansas

Braiden McGregor / EDGE / Michigan

Eric Watts / DL / UCONN

Leonard Taylor / IDL / Miami, Fl

Jackson Sirmon / LB / California

Jarius Monroe / CB / Tulane


The Jets are in "win-now" mode and decide that to have any chance on bringing a Super Bowl trophy to NY that they need to do a better job protecting Aaron Rodgers. Fashanu has the physical tools to succeed - size, length, and light feet. He needs to get stronger but he's ready to start at OLT from day one this fall. Corley led the nation in YAC - yards after contact. He has a frame and build similar to Deebo Samuel and he relishes contact. Nearly all of his catches are contested but he is a beast with the ball in his hands. The Jets drafted a pair of RBs with similar running styles. Allen is a powerful inside runner with soft hands for the outlet pass. Isaiah Davis was a two-time FCS All-American with a nose for the end zone. Jordan Travis would have been a candidate to be drafted in the first round if he hadn't torn his knee in November. He has the luxury of being developed while Rodgers leads the team this year. Stiggers never attended college but was the best rookie in the CFL last year and should be ready to contribute this year. Key, a transfer from UAB, is somewhat a tweener who will need to succeed on special teams to make the roster. As the last pick of the draft, Key was named "Mr. Irrelevant."

New England Patriots


Total Picks - 8


1 (3) Drake Maye / QB / North Carolina

2 (37) Ja'Lynn Polk / WR / Washington

3 (68) Caedan Wallace / OT / Penn State

4 (103) Layden Robinson / IOL / Texas A&M

4 (110) Javon Baker / WR / UCF

6 (180) Marcellas Dial / CB / South Carolina

6 (193) Joe Milton / QB / Tennessee

7 (231) Jaheim Bell / TE / Florida State


Deshaun Fenwick / RB / Oregon State

Jacob Warren / TE / Tennessee

Marshel Martin / TE / Sacramento State

Charles Turner / IOL / LSU

John Morgan / DL / Arkansas

Jontrey Hunter / LB / Georgia State


The Patriots turned down several trade offers and decided to stay and pick the UNC gunslinger. Maye has the size, arm strength, athleticism, and leadership skills to be developed into a franchise QB. But it only took two days for the Pats to throw a monkey wrench into Maye's long term development. In the sixth round, New England selected Tennessee QB Joe Milton, a big, extremely strong armed QB in the mold of Anthony Richardson. Perhaps, it is just a Washington problem but there are two notable situations where a team used a top pick on a QB in the first round and then used another pick later in the same draft on another QB. In 1994, the Redskins drafted Heath Shuler (Tennessee) at #3 overall and then later drafted Gus Frerotte (Tulsa). This created a QB controversy when Shuler struggled, got benched, and then Freroote clearly outplayed him. In 2012, the Redskins selected Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III at #2 overall and then drafted Kirk Cousins in the fourth round. RG3 had a great rookie year until tearing his ACL in the playoffs against Seattle and then subsequently lost his job to Cousins. Unintentionally, the Patriots may have created a QB controversy-in-waiting by double  dipping into the QB pool. Time will tell.

Polk was the second of three Washington WRs to be drafted this past weekend. He offers excellent size, a large catch radius, and soft hands to a WR room lacking size. He has difficulty creating separation and almost all of his catches are contested but he is reliable and tough. Wallace played ORT at Penn State but has the athleticism and movement skills to play OLT. Robinson is very experienced, fundamentally sound, and well coached. He should push for a starting spot this season. Baker has a fantastic combination of size and deep speed and provides a big play element that has been missing in Foxborough for years. Dial has good size but special teams will be his key to making the roster. Bell lacks some size for in-line blocking duties but he is an effective stalk blocker withn soft, reliable hands. Bell may get a look at FB, as well as TE this summer.

Fenwick is a big RB who relishes contact and gains his yards between the tackles. He'll compete for a backup RB spot this fall. Turner graded out as a mid-round center with starting potential. Turner should make the team and possibly start before the end of the season. Morgan, a transfer from Virginia, is competitive and tough. Special teams play will be key to his immediate NFL future. Hunter is a slightly undersized for a MLB but he is highly instinctive, has good range, and is a very reliable tackler. He should flourish on special teams.

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